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    Happy new year!

    My hong bao (red pocket) days are over, my daughter's is just beginning... and she's getting new clothes all the time...
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    Happy new year!

    Lunar New Year will be in about 11 hours and 5 mins here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Shing Nian Kwai Le, Gung Shi Fa Tsai!
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    Calling ontario cp society...!

    Hi Zongyi... I don't recall seeing your email... but that's ok, I caught you here. Just as an update to all members of the OCPS, Andre is taking a break for the moment due to personal matters. I'm just starting to find my balance again since starting a new family and have offered to help out in...
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    I'd have to say that most of the people I've dealt with here at the forum are AMAZINGLY GENEROUS!!!
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    Canadian troubles...

    turner, you might want the check the site again or reconfirm your order...
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    Calling ontario cp society...!

    Don't count him out yet. Life throws us curves and sometimes our hobbies and interests need to be put aside to take care of other priorities. In the mean time, I've offered to help print and distribute the next OCPS newsletter. Also would like to organize a trip to the annual Canada Blooms in...
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    Calling ontario cp society...!

    oh... didn't know about that website... but then again, I've been pretty out of it lately. Yeah, I just caught him through email and am updated on events...
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    Calling ontario cp society...!

    I tried emailing many of you guys in the OCPS but haven't heard anything yet... Everybody ok? Seedling Zongyi Sib Everybody? Anybody?
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    Canadian troubles...

    Flytraps are an endangered species and are protected by international laws forbidding their sales across international borders. Also, shipping at this time of season would guarantee a dead plant upon arrival. You have an alternative; “Dentate” VFTs are the most common CPs found in stores (here...
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    Webpage and search engines

    How do you enter your page into a search engine? Do all pages reindex monthly? As suspected... no easy answer. I'll just have to hope our web designer is really on top of his skills to produce something worth checking out.
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    Webpage and search engines

    I don't believe there's any easy answer to this but I'll give it a shot in hopes that someone can help... Exactly how do search engines work and how do they come up with the order in which display their results? The situation is that I have a webpage and would like for it to appear on the...
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    Happy birthday to....

    Happy Birthday Sib!!!!
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    She sits now too and is very vocal! She "talks" and screams when she gets bored or excited! It's funny to watch...
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    Wow! Thanks... That was unexpected. It's been very hectic on all fronts... baby included. If you guys want to see more pics of the baby follow this link: My Webpage CP pics are also available but my setup has changed yet again. Thanks again!
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    Update- jugglers please step forward!

    Diabolo... It started out as a play thing and quickly turned to an obsession trying to learn all the tricks... kind of like a giant yo-yo.
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    Carnivorous orchids?

    Last night, my mother-in-law pointed out that I missed a show on Carnivorous Orchids. It was aired on NHK (Japanese Channel) and apparently the description of the show stated that the south american orchids would lure, trap and digest their prey like sarracenia. Is this a recent discovery? Has...
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    Short stuff or jolly green giant

    5'6" on a good day...
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    Oh crap!

    All this talk of sparring reminds me of a story: As my Kung Fu instructor is a also a doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I see a lot of strange stuff. Once, a young man in his late teens hobbled into our school with the help of his parents wearing a regular top but down below, he was...
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    Gmail invites

    Thanks!... I've been wanting to check out gmail... http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-cd637448bf-9f78a71ed6-fd1fb139e1
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    Newest virginia munchkin

    Congrats... Like schloaty just said, lots of work but the milestones are great. My wife and I just started our little girl on cereals yesterday. She loves the stuff!!!