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  1. CopcarFC

    Sarracenia photos- showing off

    Figured I'd do something a bit different. I got bored (and drunk) one day and set fire to a few sarra's, pics to follow.... btw that flower bud is doing fine =) This last one got HUGE. I had to pour some water on it =)
  2. CopcarFC

    Nepenthes the GREAT picture thread!

    Here's a neat one Junior hanging out with his pop
  3. CopcarFC

    Why the hurry?

    Oh okay lol I need to do some more research into VFT's. Anyway I'm gonna let it flower. I have tons of them and I'm in no rush so they can go ahead and flower and take their time growing.
  4. CopcarFC

    This orchid needs ID (pics)

    ^Ah, thanks dude. You rock =)
  5. CopcarFC

    Why the hurry?

    Howdy guys, I have a VFT that I planted about a year and a half ago thats flowering. It's been through two dormancy's and it's still tiny but still it sends up a flower stalk. I was under the impression that it took a bit longer than that =/ Anyway, check it out. I know the pics are...
  6. CopcarFC

    This orchid needs ID (pics)

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted here (i was made a mod on another site) but I am still growing things just as much as always. Alright I bought this orchid last year and it's finally blooming for me. I'll post pics as it opened, let me know what you think it is. Thanks for...
  7. CopcarFC

    Nepenthes the GREAT picture thread!

    Yep I'm still growing 'em. Heres a few from my GC:
  8. CopcarFC

    Cephs in high temperatures year round - Anyone?

    I've had Cephs growing in my lowland chamber for about 6 months. They were just some leaf cuttings I wanted to torture test. They are pretty small (typical) but they are growing and seem to be doing fine. Conditions in that chamber are mid 70's at night right on up to 90-100 during the day...
  9. CopcarFC

    Sarracenia photos- showing off

    You don't see me around here so much =/ But anyway, I'm still growing things. Here's one of my Purps growing outside in a pot overflowing with moss.
  10. CopcarFC

    N. Hamata available for trade...

    Wow, no one wants a Hamata? I got this plant for free so don't think I want a lot of stuff for it.
  11. CopcarFC

    N. Hamata available for trade...

    Okay guys I have another Hamata to trade away. It's about 4" in diameter with three small pitchers. I love this little guy but it's already showing signs of stress from the heat here (and it's only like 75 outside). Once it breaks 100 I'm sure it will die, so I'm ready to trade it away. I'm...
  12. CopcarFC


    I put an e-fan in my rx7 a few years back. In total the whole thing cost me about $50 bux. I got the fan from a junkyard and a controller from Pep Boys.
  13. CopcarFC

    i'm bored. here are some pics. of car, not plant.

    You copy cat =P I painted the rims on my 'Box' a while back. You must have seen me =)
  14. CopcarFC

    Terrarium pics, Take a look**

    Listen to JustLikeAPill, I'm in Texas too and the best place for VFT's and cobras are outside in the sun (Just keep the cobras roots cool). I would remove the VFT's and cobras and get more neps to keep in the tank along with some sundews. Also it doesn't look like your peat is totally wet...
  15. CopcarFC

    Nepenthes Masagascariensis

    It's the same for me, it grew VERY slow and eventually died. Defiantly a hard plant to grow.
  16. CopcarFC

    Baby Hamata outside in full sun

    I gotta disagree. I have a tiny 3" Hamata that has dealt with 100+ degree temps and 30% humidity with ease. It defiantly hates me for it, but it's still alive and growing. You don't HAVE to treat a baby Hamata like it's this extremely delicate thing, it's a lot tougher than that. I would...
  17. CopcarFC

    My first Nepenthes Pitcher

    Thanks for the welcome Glider :-O
  18. CopcarFC

    My first Nepenthes Pitcher

    ^Yes, I actually grew one of mine outside here in Texas in partial shade for about 3 months. Every day was above 100 degree's, it topped out (I think) at 110. It never missed a step, every leaf pitchered. I never even misted it, just hit it with the hose every morning.
  19. CopcarFC

    My first Nepenthes Pitcher

    Raff's like heat. My Raff (back when it was small) would stop growing when temps got down to the 40's. But it bounced right back when temps came up. They love really high temps in the 90's as well. My biggest Raff is about 4ft in diameter. And when these thing vine, it is a thick...
  20. CopcarFC

    Circulating Bogs: How-to

    Thanks for the welcome bugs. The VFT's are great, they are all outside freezing with everything else. Those are some tough little VFT seedlings. Okay, so when everything melts I'll build another bog that has all of the tubes and pump encased in a thick weatherproof base. Next year hopefully...