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  1. homer

    Drosera ordensis seeds for SASE

    Update 8/6/08 - There are 7 more packets of seeds left. I'm pleased to announce a Drosera ordensis seed giveaway. Two of my mature ordensis plants have flowered at the same time last month, and I'm fortunate enough to have been available to hand pollinate them. I pollinated the two plants in...
  2. homer

    Jack in the Pulpit Photo

    Can't go wrong with Jack-in-the-Pulpits. Two recently bloomed. Homer
  3. homer

    S flava Photos

    Nothing major here, just the first blooms of the young season, so I have to share. I think the purpurea's are next in line to bloom... -Homer
  4. homer

    U alpina flower

    After 4 years of growing this plant, it has finally flowered for me. I credit transplanting it in a good "orchid" pot with numerous holes, filled predominately with LFS and perlite, with a top dressing of live sphagnum moss. Photo period is currently set to 14 hours of light a day. These are...
  5. homer

    Great way to grow VFTs

    I propbably only post 1 message a year on this topic: how I grow VFTs. They grow in decent sized pots, approximately 6" in diameter. From February through July, the plants are brought indoors and grown in either my terrarium or grow rack. Humidity doesn't matter that I noticed, but strong...
  6. homer

    D. ordensis, seedlings

    Hello everyone, Its been awhile since I posted a message. I've been involved in cross-pollinating and germinating various Petiolaris Complex specimens in my collection this past six months. Drosera ordensis has been my choice species, as I've had the fortune of having 2 clones flower at the...
  7. homer

    Drosera flowers

    Just wanted to share a few photo's of these flowers since they are my latest attempt at cross-pollination within the Petiolaris Complex. I hope I get viable seed. Here's the Drosera ordensis "Type Area, Mirama Neal, Australia". Usually its only 1 bloom per day. The Drosera lanata x broomensis...
  8. homer

    Petilaris Complex

    Here are some photos I took of a few plants earlier this month. Drosera lanata x broomensis Two clones of Drosera ordensis Seedlings produced by hand-pollinating the two clones of Drosera ordensis Drosera falconeri and others Various forms of Drosera petiolaris -Homer
  9. homer

    Drosera admirabilis Winner sundewexpert1101

    The plant is actually a Drosera admirabilis ceres. My mistake The plants you see here in the 2" pot (foreground & center) will be sent to the winner. USA only. Bid starts at $5. Winner pays shipping (USPS Priority Mail $4.05) -Homer
  10. homer

    Drosera falconeri

    This plant will be shipped in its 2" pot to the winner. USA only. Bid starts at $5. Winner will pay shipping (USPS Priority Mail $4.05). -Homer
  11. homer

    D. montana var. tomentosa

    The plant(s) you see here are about the size of a quarter. Bid if for 1 plant only. Starting bid = $5. USA only. Winner pays shipping (USPS Priority Mail $4.05) -Homer
  12. homer

    Drosera paradoxa Winner sundewexpert1101

    These plants are approximately 6 months old. I propogated them through leaf cuttings. Starting price = $5 USA only, I pay for shipping Not the best picture, but winner gets one of these pots of D. paradoxa. happy bidding! -Homer
  13. homer

    D. dilatato-petiolaris "Nhulunbuy, NT"

    Here's a picture I took yesterday of one of my Petiolaris Complex Drosera. I recieved some D. dilatato-petiolaris "Nhulunbuy, NT" seed 1 year ago. This is the lone plant that germinated from the batch. That plant is about 2" in diameter. -Homer
  14. homer

    D. ascendens photo

    My newest Drosera is the D. ascendens. I've never paid much mind about this plant before, or even knew it existed for that matter Just thought I'd like to share a photo that I took tonight of this wonderful plant. -Homer
  15. homer

    U. tricolor flowering

    Rattler_Mt, this is for you, so I hope your paying attention Earlier this year, you posted a topic regarding your attempts to get this sucker to bloom. I shared your frustration, since I've tried many times to get this plant to bloom. We have the same clone by the way, even though I didn't...
  16. homer

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Homer, as one might guess by my username I'm 28 years old, and I live near Seattle, Washington. I'm an Environmental Technician and have been growing carnivorous plants as a hobby since 2000. Work and "home life" occupy most my time, but I do like to regularly watch the Seahawks...
  17. homer

    D. falconeri leaf cutting

    I took 3 D. falconeri leaf cuttings back on September 9th, and after a few weeks on the heating pad, they looked like they were getting cooked alive, so I removed them from the heating pad onto another shelf with the rest of my Drosera. I gave it about a month on the shelf before giving up on...
  18. homer

    D. venusta "coccicaulis"

    I recieved some D. venusta "coccicaulis" seeds from a very kind PFT moderator in July 2004. The plants have since germinated and done very well. I'm pleased to report that they do form plantlets from leaf cuttings floating in RO water under fluorescent lighting. Not a fast method of propogation...
  19. homer

    Terrarium ventilation setup

    Recently, I got around to building a ventilation system for my 55 gallon terrarium. My goal was to include air from outside the terrarium. The humidifier was to remain a vital role as well. The key is to balance the effectes of fresh air and humidity. Here's the pictures for all you visual...
  20. homer

    Utric needs an id

    Well, I spotted the flowers a few weeks ago, and now that I have my camera back I'm going to show you all the Utric that sneaked into my collection. I'm pretty sure its a Utric. The lolons look like small blades of grass. Its growing as a terrestrial indoors, with a D. spatulata (flower buds in...