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  1. CopcarFC

    Why the hurry?

    Howdy guys, I have a VFT that I planted about a year and a half ago thats flowering. It's been through two dormancy's and it's still tiny but still it sends up a flower stalk. I was under the impression that it took a bit longer than that =/ Anyway, check it out. I know the pics are...
  2. CopcarFC

    This orchid needs ID (pics)

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted here (i was made a mod on another site) but I am still growing things just as much as always. Alright I bought this orchid last year and it's finally blooming for me. I'll post pics as it opened, let me know what you think it is. Thanks for...
  3. CopcarFC

    N. Hamata available for trade...

    Okay guys I have another Hamata to trade away. It's about 4" in diameter with three small pitchers. I love this little guy but it's already showing signs of stress from the heat here (and it's only like 75 outside). Once it breaks 100 I'm sure it will die, so I'm ready to trade it away. I'm...
  4. CopcarFC

    Question about Nep flower cycles.

    I have a male Judith finn that is flowering. No big deal there right? Well I have a few questions. 1) Do mature neps produce only uppers or can they be mature and still make lowers? 2) Do neps produce one flower stalk and then go back to pitchers or do they produce flower stalks on 4 or 5...
  5. CopcarFC

    N. Hamata available

    I have a small N. Hamata that I don't think likes my conditions. So if you have something that you think is worthy lets work out a trade. Shoot me a PM and we can work out a deal.
  6. CopcarFC

    Looking for D. adelae.

    I can not believe this, but I somehow killed off my D. adelae. I don't know what happened (maybe hell froze over, or pigs figured out how to fly). I've been pondering what exactly happened because I thought D. adelae was pretty much bomb proof. Ive never had any problems with it until now. And...
  7. CopcarFC

    Has this ever happend to you?

    A few days ago I was digging around in my bog and I noticed an odd looking sundew. From the looks of it it appears to be a paradoxia(sp?). Now I've never had one of these nor have I ever ordered one. Also that bog has no new plants at all and as far as I know none of my neighbors grow CP's...
  8. CopcarFC

    Need an ID on odd plant (pics)

    OK at the beginning of this year I was given a small plant that I put outside. At the time it was too small to show any real features but now it pretty big so I am wondering what it is. Heres some pics... If you know what it is please let me know.
  9. CopcarFC

    Humidity loss?

    Alright I just got a tiny Hamata and to give it high humidity I made a makeshift terrarium by turning a glass cookie jar upside down on a dinner plate with the Hamata inside. So far humidity has been nice and high during the day but at night I needed a way to cool it down. So I froze a bottle of...
  10. CopcarFC

    Looking for a Raff.

    I'm looking for the giant form of Raff. If you have one or a cutting of one (rooted or not) let me know so we can work out a deal.
  11. CopcarFC

    Anyone got any Nep. pollen?

    Well, my Judith Finn is makeing a flower stalk. It will be my first Nep flower ever and I want to get lots of seed. I'm not even sure if it's a chick, its just a whole lot of green balls on a stalk. If it is a guy I'll send out pollen to anyone who wants it if you agree to send me some seed. But...
  12. CopcarFC

    What do you guys think?

    I have a VFT in my bog that looks different from the rest. It's wierd because it has no leaves. It's just a trap on the end of a stalk. It looks kinda freaky. I'm not gonna try and claim it as a cultivar because I really don't care that much but I would like to know if this is a common thing...
  13. CopcarFC

    Orchid bog?

    I have around ten orchids that need to be repotted in something bigger and I was thinking that it would be cool to just put all of them in a bog full of orchid mix. But I have never heard of anyone doing that so I wanted to know if this is a good idea or not. Thanks guys.
  14. CopcarFC

    It just wont die!!

    Alright I had a whole lot of burmanni and everything was cool. They flowered and died and I now have baby burmanni in all my pots and bogs, all is well. But, there is one burmanni that has fired out around six flower stalks so far and has made tons of seed. I've been watching this plant ever...
  15. CopcarFC

    Can I get a list?

    I have lots of bare spots in my bogs and I was wondering what I should buy to fill it up. So I need a list of sundews that go dormant along with my other plants ( Sarra's, VFT's, exc.) I think I posted this same thread a while back but it's late and I'm to tired to search for it so here it is...
  16. CopcarFC

    This sucks.

    I got stung by a wasp today. Man it hurts, it feels like I was stabbed in the leg with a cactus spine. What really sucks is that I can feel the venom crusing through my body. I havent been this freaked out in a long time. Parts of my body feel weak and fraile. I got some sting relief stuff but...
  17. CopcarFC

    CopcarFC's second giveaway

    I'm trimming back my collection so I'm giving away a few plants. Fist we have these guys... It is a pretty big Raff. on the left and a Ventricada on the right. The Ventri. has two vines on it ( one is about 6" and the other is around a foot ). The Raff. is starting to vine and has leaves that...
  18. CopcarFC

    Gotta boast a little...

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to say AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to everyone who lives in Arizona. Don't you just LOVE Texas now. LOL I would have made this thread yesterday but I was plenty drunk
  19. CopcarFC

    Whats for dinner tonight?

    I've got sage, marajoram(sp), terragon, garlic, chives, peppers, tomatoes, and basil growing wildly in my front yard. It's getting out of control. I've recently avoided running them down with the lawn mower but I've done it before.(It smells cool afterwards) I'm just not a chief, I'm a car guy...
  20. CopcarFC

    CopcarFC's first giveaway

    So I ripped open an old flower bud and out came lots of Burmanni seed. I dont need any more so I'm giving away seed packs for SASE. I have so many that you will prolly get an entire flower stalk or two that you can rip open and get seed. Here's the deal, respond here and I will PM you with my...