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    Carnivorous Plants

    Hey Everyone, I would first like to apologize if you are receiving this email twice or are receiving this email although you do not want it. I am trying to reach the members of the Carnivorous Plant Community that care to know whether Sarracenia purpurea in all its varieties and locations...
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    S purpurea

    Hey Everyone, As you may know I am doing an experiment concerning the nature of S. purpurea (specifically whether or not it makes it's own digestive enzymes or bacteria make the digestive enzymes). I am soliciting for unopened pitchers to conduct this experiment. As you all probably know the...
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    U. tridentata

    The fourth Utric I have gottn to bloom. It is blooming (I think) b/c the water level is receding.
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    What a day

    Jeez at work today a skunk wandered in the nursery with it's head stuck in a yogurt container. Of course "the guys" thought this was funny, I on the other hand called animal control which said it would be out there soon. After waiting for animal control for half and hour I called back and they...
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    Hurrricane dennis

    Well for all you guys that is horrible but we want to know how you and your plants are fairing. IT's supposed to be really bad but since you guy's have lots of friends here let us know that you are okay (if you have power) 'cause other wise we'll be worried.
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    Smoking and obesity are linked to age-related chro

    It isn't news that eating fatty foods and smoking can shorten your life expectancy through heart attacks and cancer. But now a study shows that a lifetime of these unhealthy habits can directly 'age' DNA by years. Strings of DNA are often capped by highly repetitive sequences known as...
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    New cpn out

    I got it yesterday and have not yet read it. (I know that's a crime). I've been at work so that's my excuse.
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    Insectivorous plants by darwin

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    Looking for: sarracenia 'navarre, fl'

    Does anyone have one?
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    This is from Nature (magazine). I found it very interestiing that Auxin can interact directly with SCF^TIR1 which was not thought to be able to before. Oh and if you need a brush up http://users.rcn.com/jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/A/Auxin.html This explains all about Auxin which is very...
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    Yes i did it!

    I GOT A 5!!!!!! YES. I am quite supprised. I expected a 4 after those conditions but I got a 5. (Insert happy dance). Yes!!! On my first AP.
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    Is your weather out of wack?

    Well they were right that the Tsunami messed up the weather. It is flooding at my house. Something like 20 inches of rain since the 24th. I have not seen the sun since I got back home. Amazing. The other day the road behind my community flooded and several buildings, homes and apartments had to...
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    Do you ever have the urge

    No we will not be talking about herbal essences or anything else suggested there in those commercials. I'm talking about the urge to do something to prove someone wrong or to rectify the something wrong? I don't beleve you can truely punish a bad person through monatary charges although it...
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    Carnivorous plant artists

    What artists did things with Carnivorous Paltns (besides Darwin's son and Allen Lowrie). Ha. Well I am taking the definition of Artist widely as possible. So Can anyone think of anyone else.
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    N. khasiana in garden department?

    I think I saw a couple little N. khasiana in ACE yeasterday? Do you thnk they are really khasiana? (That was what they looked like but no markings were present.
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    Cause of sarr root root

    Sarr root rot is when the new roots rot as they replace the old ones. My S. flava var. cuprea is unfortunatly a victum along with another sarr at another time. This simptom commonly happens when the plant is water logged for several weeks (unfortunatly I didi not know about this waterlogging. I...
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    Sight, smell and other senses

    Okay This was semi-inspired by Barry Rice (well the smell part anyway). I find it very interested how all our senses are relitive and I will discuss sight because that is easiest. When we grew up you were told the color of my font was black the face of the smilies were yellow, etc. But how can...
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    How many of you use another language

    I attempt to read some of the French ones but my francois est mauvais. Anyone else frequent other language forums.
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    How we contradict ourselves

    It is really quite interesting. HAs anyone else thought about this. It's really not a problem (I suppose) but I find it amazingly amusing. And our favorite people do it or are famous for it. Can anyone guess? I'll let you have at it to see if anyone comes up with it or thinks of something different.
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    I'm rather proud of myself

    When I moved into the (current) house the entire yard was ST. Augustine Grass, which is highly invasive (although not classified) and my most hated weed. Another problem is this grass is a favorite or rather has a symbiotic relationship with Fire Ants. So after 2.5 years of toil I finnally have...