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    X bill Bailey male??

    I would guess that its more likely that you and the other guy got different clones - My bill bailey is female as well
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    My Photo Tread

    cool cool maybe its just young. it should look a bit different as it ages
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    My Photo Tread

    Nice Assortment!! that sing X rhh is special! I cant wait to see them grow up! are you sure that singalana is beleirang? who is it from?
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    Nepenthes Spathulata x Albomargina killing itself

    BE's spathulata is known to do that. I dont know what you should do, but cut each flower as the leaf opens. are you letting it flower? And feed it
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    Nepenthes seed germination setup?

    Do a few searches and see how people grow Nep seeds. there a re few guides here and elsewhere. For the most part, I think Nep seeds are easy given a few simple conditions and fresh seed. I read somewhere that Neps will germinate of damp paper towel - I havent tried it but it wouldnt surprise...
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    Handheld hand holding pitcher pictures

    Dude, you have amazing plants! well played that sing X ham got me by surprise! your izu X tm really nice too can you post a pic of the whole plant?
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    Nepenthes robcantleyi and N. truncata comparison

    both are - differently - awesome!
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    Newly rooted cutting flowering

    if there are two, its not so great because that often means that the bud terminates in a flower Id clip the flower stalk off
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    New nepenthes not looking top notch

    if this was my plant, I would dunk it - leaves and all - into water for a day and let it perk up then keep it humid as suggested above
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    Some coffee; some patience; some time . . .

    bigbella, this is said with the friendliest of intentions... I hate you :) I havent been following this at all, but those are beautiful plants - and that has nothing to do with their names look how thick the pitcher tendril is on the last eddie leaves. those will be much bigger pitchers too
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    New Nepenthes truncata "Pasian Red"

    it grows up a bit :P It seems I dont take many pics of this plant, but these are some I found now basal this is as close to the whole plant as I could find Its the one in the pot on the right - terrible excuse for a 'whole plant' shot, I know
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    6 year old 4 foot tall Ventrata. Looking for advice

    below the surface is much more important. but, if it looks like that throughout then it seems okay - the surface dries out between watering so it wont rot as fast as the rest. if youre not repoting it (perfectly acceptable :) ) then, id say toss some ferts into the pitchers and through the...
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    6 year old 4 foot tall Ventrata. Looking for advice

    I just realised that there was a page 2 I didnt read - why is the belief that Neps dont feed through their roots still being propagated? its simply not true. yes, they dont rely on it when feeding through the pitchers but they are in no way incapable of it and root feeding is in no way a waste...
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    6 year old 4 foot tall Ventrata. Looking for advice

    not repoted it in years? and you have sphag in there? the soil is quite possible a densely compacted block atm... Neps absolutely need happy roots to be happy. if it hasnt been pitchering and the the roots are not for nutrient absorption (which is not true) - then it hasnt been eating in years...
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    a new nightmare... my luck just keeps getting better...not!

    I havent read everything here But, if it were mine and I thought there was a chance of survival, I would drop it in water for a day or two - completely submerged - and then pot it up and keep it humid. if I thought it could be saved...
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    Red Lowii's plants

    Very nice Dude!
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    Suggestions on species/hybrids with black pitchers?

    ramispina X sing?? never seen that before *google time
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    N. Lowii x truncata WP

    so well grown!
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    Suggestions on species/hybrids with black pitchers?

    LL dark pitchers - some amps are pretty dark. and ive seen very dark but speckled raffs izu X ramis lowers are awesome! basically matte black. but the uppers are green which is a bit lame same applies to izu X maxima lowii X bosch also has some big and very dark clones. lowii X camp has some...
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    Nepenthes Upper Internode Buds

    to add to that, if the basal is on a mature/vining plant, it tends to mature and vine much faster than the mother plant did. so, you usually dont get too many lowers out of them on the plus side, they will also form big, mature lowers much faster than the mother did