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  1. cool85k5

    Some one selling S.Oreophila

    Some one on ebay selling S.Oreophila.I sent them a message that it was illegal to sell it.It's for sale to any state,not just the one they are in.
  2. cool85k5

    How do you add a growlist link?

    How do you add a link to your growlist in your signature?I have tried but all I can get is the whole web link.All I want is to say is Growlist.
  3. cool85k5

    95F in Georgia :(

    It's 95F as I type. :-( Here in south Georgia we have no spring or fall,just cold or hot!
  4. cool85k5

    $158 venusflytrap on ebay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carnivorous-Plant-Venus-Flytrap-SP-MM-Medium-Large-/221007795017?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3375175349 People must want it bad!
  5. cool85k5

    Looking for Sarracenia seed.

    If anyone has any Sarracenia seed to spare it would be much appreciated.I lost about 90% of my collection due to health problems.I have nothing to trade,but I can send a SASE. Thanks for any replies.
  6. cool85k5

    Google Chrome

    Google has a web browser now,beta version I think ,but it works good!Check it out!
  7. cool85k5

    Almost spring!

    D.binata dichotoma Jerry
  8. cool85k5

    Almost spring!

    P.planifolia P.primilflora Jerry
  9. cool85k5

    Got the smoker going!

    I got up around 7am and got the smoker going.I have 3 whole chickens,pork tender loin,and a turkey breast cooking,Mmmm,good eats!About 4 hours cooking for the chicken and maybe 4-5 for the other.Anybody here smoke meat? Jerry
  10. cool85k5


    Anybody have Ferrets?I was just wondering about getting one and what the pros and cons are. Jerry
  11. cool85k5


    This is a owl found while walking in the woods,not sure what type it is. Zoomed in shots. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/49693603@N00/394567488/" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/127/394567488_3d0fccae1a.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="owl3" /></a> <a...
  12. cool85k5

    Help with ipod

    How do you load music on a ipod nano?I'm trying to put music on for someone and can't get it done.I just put songs on a mp3 player for someone but this ipod is a pain.Anyone know how? Jerry
  13. cool85k5

    Happy Birthday to Mike King

    Happy birthday Mike,I hope you have a good one! Jerry
  14. cool85k5

    Happy bithday to:

    Happy birthday wolf9striker,I hope you have a good one! Jerry
  15. cool85k5

    Whats the differance in D.filiformis ssp

    How do you id these plants?I have a few plants of both but they look the same to me,even the flowers were the same when they bloomed. Jerry
  16. cool85k5

    Neo,the Pomeranian

    Not the best piture but it's the best he would let me get!His name is Neo(Guess what movie the name came from!) and he is two years old.I just got him from my brother who has had him since he was a pup.My brother and his wife moved and pets(dogs)were not allowed.                          ...
  17. cool85k5

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bugweed!

    Happy birthday,man your getting old! LOL I hope you have a wonderful day! Jerry
  18. cool85k5

    USSSA Baseball

    Any one play or has a child that plays? Well my son plays baseball for a traveling baseball team 13 and under AAA.They played their first tournament last weekend and won first place!In winning first place they are qualified to play for state and the 13 and under AAA World Series held in Michigan...
  19. cool85k5

    NASC logo

    I was wondering if someone has a NASC logo( bigger than on the website) that I could put on my site.I have put two links on my site to the NASC site.I would like to put the logo and some information about the NASC. Jerry