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  1. Fryster

    Ads for VFT's from yesteryear...

    While going thru some of my old comic books from the 70's I ran across a few interesting ads for VFT's. I thought that the younger forum members here might find these rather interesting and humorous:
  2. Fryster

    P. 'George Sargent' hybrid issue:

    I have a P. ‘George Sargent’ hybrid that has been in its non-carnivorous phase for a little over a year. I kid you not. Part of its heritage in P. gypsicola, so I have consulted this page, but it’s not too much help. http://www.pinguicula.org/pages/plantes/pinguicula_gypsicola.htm What do I...
  3. Fryster

    How long do Ceph pitchers and leaves last?

    How long do Ceph pitchers and leaves usually last? (or should last?) I ask this because my Ceph typical is getting brown spots on it. (I've had this Ceph less than a year BTW) Both pitchers and leaves are getting some spots. Now these pitchers and leaves are from the early spring and are...
  4. Fryster

    Is there an emulsifiable type of fungicide?

    Is there an emulsifiable type of fungicide (powder or liquid) that can simply be mixed with water for watering regular houseplants? Or even with carnivorous plants? Something that can treat the soil is what I am seeking... without stressing out the plant. I am so tired of seeing fungus and...
  5. Fryster

    flowering 'Judith Finn'

    Both of my 'Judith Finn's are flowering! What should I do? Should I cut them off if I'm not too interested in seed? To save the plant energy....... Here is a pic of one:
  6. Fryster

    unknown outdoor plant/shrub

    What is this plant/shrub? They are growing outside my apartment door. They are very eye-catching and seem quite hardy. The owner-manager of the property does not know the name. I'm sure it is some common lawn ornamentation type of plant. Thanks,
  7. Fryster

    Cottonwood trees -- RANT

    My rant: I hate Cottonwood trees‼ :rant: :rant: Specifically female Cottonwood trees, they’re the ones that produce the “cotton”. I hate it when the heat causes their pods to burst and pollute the air with their tiny, hairy, sticky cotton balls. Those things get everywhere‼ They stick to...
  8. Fryster

    Spring time stall?

    All my VFT’s (various cultivars) have come to a Springtime stand-still in my growrack. Photoperiod of 16 hours under my T5’s. The winter leaves are pretty much all gone and now the early spring leaves are starting to turn yellow and brown. And yet I see very little new growth arriving. I...
  9. Fryster

    Hummingbirds and CP's...

    I was in a discussion today with co-workers about hummingbirds and their thirst for nectar. (it’s a slow day, I know…) And I mentioned the nectar on certain CP’s; and that got me to thinking: Have any hummingbirds ever been caught by any species of CP?? Seems like your average tiny...
  10. Fryster

    Green Mold‼

    I have been having this problem with green mold growing on top of pots with standard CP peat/perlit mixes. :censor: My question is: What product is good for killing and eradication with a simple surface application? Obviously some sort of fungicide, by what type and what brands are...
  11. Fryster

    growing Woolly Sundews

    What are some of the concerns and issues growing Woolly Sundews? Some CP books I have and even online resources happen to contradict one another on cultivation of these unusual and temperamental Dews. Specifically I want to try growing D. lanata, D. falconeri, D. paradoxa and D. kenneallyi...
  12. Fryster

    Who felt the earthquake?

    Who felt the earthquake in the mid-west this morning?? I didn't. I was still sleeping.
  13. Fryster

    ID these two Neps pleeze...

    This is a cutting I received from JLaP last Fall. He didn't remember what is was, so it has gone unidentified all this time. I'd like to put a species label on it. I would think that this would be an easy ID for all you Nep experts out there. ;) And, the other is a rather young Nep that is...
  14. Fryster

    D. binata question:

    How long does it take the multi-fork D. binatas to produce their multi-fork leaves? I ask this because of the two D. binata multifida’s I’ve purchased from different online vendors, both turn out single-forked leaves (T-form). I’ve grown these young plants for a year now and no multi-fork...
  15. Fryster

    How do I separate a rosetted Sundew?

    How do I separate this rosetted Sundew without killing both plants? I'd like to re-pot them. As they are now, they're too ugly to keep this way... It split into two about 6 months ago. If I mess up separating the rosettes, will the plant(s) spring back from the roots? Thanx,
  16. Fryster

    Helpful Roaches

    I thought the folks here might find this kinda interesting: Helpful Roaches
  17. Fryster

    my N.ventricosa... WHY?

    I have a common N.ventricosa (red) that I’ve grown for a year now. It produces pitchers and leaves readily and grows in the same light and conditions as my other Neps. The problem I have with it is that its leaves are always this sickly pale-yellow-green color and are never really a healthy...
  18. Fryster

    guess the flower...

    Here is a little brain-teaser for all you geniuses: Identify the species of plant from which this small (US dime-sized) day-lived flower originates… (Latin or common name) I know what it is, but can you identify it?? First person to correctly ID this plant/flower wins absolutely...
  19. Fryster

    Fryster's growlist

    Bromaids: Brocchinia Reducta Cephalotus follicularis: typical 'Hummer's Giant' Darlingtonia californica: typical Dionaea muscipula: typical 'Akai Ryu' 'Dentate Traps' 'Crested Petiolate' 'Big Mouth' 'B-52' Drosera: D. adelae D. aliciae D. binata (all red) D. binata var.dichotoma D. capensis...
  20. Fryster

    TableHeads; would you get one?

    Maaaaybe the best site evah!! :banana2: TableHeads :banana2: Okay, maybe not. I go searching for bromeliads and find "Pineapple-Head".....sheesh...