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  1. K

    Carnivorous Plants PLUS Nanoscience!! :D

    Thanks!!! I'll go read it :D
  2. K

    Plant of the Month September 2012

    Oh dear. :D Well, at least i have a bit more of an idea of how to say it inmy head now, and won't just be reading "D. Gr... ok, skip the rest" haha lol. I just won't try pronouncing it aloud to anyone. Especially anyone I meet from Portugal, in case I offend them. :/
  3. K

    Some help getting back into the swing of things!

    Thanks guys. Yeah, water, light, humidity, media, temperature. That gives me a good starting point to go research and get my foot in the door. :) And thanks for reminding me about mold etc. - it's easy to forget that things don't always go to plan. It's starting to come back to me a bit...
  4. K

    Some help getting back into the swing of things!

    So, I've decided to start collecting again. Yay! However, it's been a long time since I was growing carnivores. Well, a year or two. And while I used to be fairly knowledgable on the basics, now that I'm gearing up to invest in some new plants, I'm starting to panic about all of the things I...
  5. K

    Plant of the Month September 2012

    Wow 0_0. These are all really beautiful looking plants! :D I can't wait for my plain old Drosera seeds to arrive now, so that I can get involved in growing again - this is truly inspiring! :) And the D. graomogolensis (does someone want to tell me how to pronounce that please) is stunning. I've...
  6. K

    Carnivorous Plants PLUS Nanoscience!! :D

    Haha, yeah. Metric, imperial. Metric's pretty easy as a system, but it correlates so badly to every other system!!! :P jimscott, that's really interesting! Do you know anymore about what sort of stuff they're doing, etc.? The sort of nanoscience I want to get into is the sort that has a human...
  7. K

    Carnivorous Plants PLUS Nanoscience!! :D

    So, I discovered this very cool, simple but informative nanoscience video -- that has CARNIVOROUS PLANTS in it!!! Specifically Nepenthes. Obviously, my first thought was to post it here! :) I plan to work in nanoscience in the future, so this was very exciting to me, to see a combination of...
  8. K

    Hello again from New Zealand

    Sadly, most of my carnivorous plant collection is no longer... well, in existence. I'm pretty sure I no longer have a D. arcturi, and after all that effort to get one!!! However, I've got an opportunity to get some seeds for D. arcturi (might not take it this time round, but I'll have plenty of...
  9. K

    Hello again from New Zealand

    Hi :) So I've actually been a member here for a while, but I haven't been active since around 2010. BUT... I'm thinking about getting back into carnivorous plant collecting again now, so I thought I would rejoin the forum, so to speak, and get involved again. I thought I ought to re-introduce...
  10. K

    TC deflasking help

    Hello. Today i received a small shipment of recently (2-3 days ago) deflasked TC carnivorous plants from varying genus'. As expected, I have done some research, and know that they need to be kept in humid, shaded, and medium temp environments and slowly acclimatatized, but this is my first...
  11. K

    Ping Sprouts

    So - which species do you have then? Do you have P. reticulata? I like P. reticulata :) My one is going to flower I think :) My favourite is P. cyclosecta though, because it goes purple for me - the same colour as its flower!
  12. K


    Can you get a more in-focus pic? The only small, white, jumping things I can think of are passion-vine hopper larvae. But these don't have furry tails, (tufts of fur on their rears) do they? Passion vine hopper babies have furry bits on the end of their bums. Hmmm...
  13. K

    D. ordensis Seedlings - Thanks Homer!

    What sort of sundews are these? Pygmy? Temperate? South African?
  14. K

    N. maxima x ventricosa = two thumbs up!

    Yes... we do have pretty scenery, don't we? :) (says kath, an NZ grower) You should have told her to go and look at our natural drosera populations - but oh no, wait, they've all turned into D. Capensis now! :( Oh well, hope you get you camera back soon!
  15. K

    Shipping pings as in P. gypsicola

    I'm not sure about Gypsicola, but when my mate sent me Grandiflora he potted it into a pot that was only 3/4 full and placed damp sphagnum over the top, then sealed it with a lid with breathing holes. I panicked at first because I thought he'd forgotten to put the plant in, then I realised that...
  16. K

    Darlingtonia from Seed

    I find cobra seeds amzingly easy to germinate - exactly like sarracenia seed. They grow slower than sarracenia, but germinating's no problem. No - it's only 3 or 4 years later when the plants big and wants cool roots that you get into trouble, if you have that sort of variety. Some variety's go...
  17. K

    Another random utric in U. dichotoma pot. ;D

    Cool pot. I sowed some U. Subulata seeds a while ago and they grew into what look like miniature spring onions... something tricky going on there i think! But seriously... cool pot!
  18. K

    Basal size compared to parent plant?

    I find that it does happen, I think it may be because for a time, while the basal is getting started, the parent plant donates a lot of it's energy to the basal. So instea dof the parent plant using the energy it makes to grow bigger, it sends a little bit to the basal, and so the basal is...
  19. K

    Sarracenia seedlings in the rain?

    They won't go dormant unless it's cold for a long period - I think it would take them at least a week to realise that it was cold and start adjusting to it. As for rain... I don't think the rain would be an issue, unless it was sleet/hail/really cold sort of rain, or rain that was so heavy it...
  20. K

    New pics for 2009!

    I love the platychila :) Adding that to my wish list... Like the Campanulata too - very green - is that the natural colouring of campanulata? And I have to say that the Lowii x Ventricosa is my favourite Ventricosa hybrid so far!