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    Andrew's guide to growing Heliamphora in the desert

    Thank you very much for the reply! So it seems that temperature rather than humidity might be a bigger stress factor in my case. I'll try moving my plant a bit away from the sun, since it's a few degrees cooler in the shade, and keep an eye on it for the next several days/ weeks. If it doesn't...
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    Andrew's guide to growing Heliamphora in the desert

    That's really interesting! And very relevant to my current experiment. I'm trying to bring my heterodoxa x minor out of the terrarium and into windowsill conditions, but it seems to be struggling a bit. The plant is growing new pitchers, but I see several dry patches on the older leaves which...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea seeds

    Ok, good to know. Thank you very much!
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    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea seeds

    I see! How come? They don't produce seed readily? Or is it simply easier to propagate them vegetatively?
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    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea seeds

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for Genlisea seeds, specially with location data. If you have some available, please let me know! Best, Gui
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    Nepenthes leaves looking weird (burnt?)

    Thank you for the suggestions! The media is a peat-based mix with perlite and burnt rice husks. That's not my usual choice Nepenthes, but seemed to be working fine (until now??) Sounds like a good idea to flush the pot and check the water TDS. I'm going to try that! Any chance these symptoms...
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    Nepenthes leaves looking weird (burnt?)

    Hi everyone! I have a couple of Nepenthes seedlings (about 1 year old) which are growing next to each other on separate pots. They are complex lowland hybrids, all from the same batch of seeds. Recently some of them started showing yellowish and burnt-looking leaves, while others seem to be...
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