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    How do I separate a basal?

    I cut it with a very sharpened knife and paying attention in not compressing the basal. If you make it this way, it'll be simpler to let them root
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    Nepenthes burbidgeae - Can it do well in warmer temps?

    Probably not, but N. burbidgeaer is as semi hardy plant, very slow grower. I can tell you my experience. I bought it 2 years ago and put it for the first 10 months in my terrarium. There were not highland temps but it growed fast with my helis. Then it became too big for the terrarium and potted...
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    New Nepenthes Images

    What a wonderful collection neps!
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    N. inermis

    Whent the pitcher shows reddish pigmentation it's probably because the plant is not so pure, i had got an inermisxbongso and it was just like that: Not a beautiful discover at all...
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    Anyone have a very young N. spec. nova sumatra?

    sword I can't remember very well, but I have never seen hairs on mine.....can you please post a picture?
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    Macfarlanei or an hybrid?

    Maybe it is macfarlanei x ramispina: I have got it in my collection, but bought it as pure macfarlanei....
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    My new baby N. hamata

    Nice plant LG, and strange soil? What is it'??
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    Fungi on my S. sp. nov Sumatra?

    Yes is right, I always wear the mask when I use fungicide! Aga, provado plus is against insects , not for fungi!!!!!
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    Fungi on my S. sp. nov Sumatra?

    NG, did you drink it instead of milk at breakfast? HAHAHAHAH thanks NG and SN. Maybe also my tenuis is infected!
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    Fungi on my S. sp. nov Sumatra?

    Travis, I moved them outside, it's true. But they were like that also before I moved them. the older leaves were all produced inside my tank...
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    FedeAbra growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis 02.05 Darlingtonia californica "Lois Gias" (MK 07.04) Dionea muscipula "Akai Ryu" (FE 05.04) "Shark teeth" 07.04 "red sawthoot" 09.05 "sawthoot" 09.05 "royal red" 04.05 "cup trap" 09.05 "long petiole" 03.06 "red piranha" Drosera adelae ascendens Bandeira Peak, very...
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    Spring photos

    the burbidgeae x edwardsiana is lovely, I think I'm going to look for it! the others are also very very very very nice. Can't wait my mira to make a pitchers like yours!
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    Fungi on my S. sp. nov Sumatra?

    The plants grows well, but I think they are fungi. New leaves stay green for a while, but after a week..... Is there anything I can do to erase those things from my love?
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    Bongso var. Robusta

    Woooo what a change! What did you do? I can bet the small one is full of bugs, snails, i don't know, flies?
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    Short April gallery

    very nice plants! Which clone is your N. spectabilis? One from G. Bandahara?