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    U. heterosepala, graminifolia, or smithiana?

    Oh good, I'm glad! Is there info about smithiana as far as purple leaves go? Now I'm intrigued about my own plant...
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    U. heterosepala, graminifolia, or smithiana?

    Looks similar to what I have labeled as U. heterosepala as well, from what I remember when it flowered about a year and a half ago. This post might shed some light for you as well? Utricularia heterosepala
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    Give Away Drosera capensis "Bain'sKloof" Seeds

    1) adnedarn 2) Grey Moss - Thanks for the very cool giveaway! 3) Osito - fingers crossed! 4) sharkjaws1234 5) SerMuncherIV 6) Cain - =) 7) Raistlarn - thank you 8) aarolar 9) Dexenthes 10) madrone - thanks for the generous giveaway! 11) pooparella- thank you 12) Flora - Thanks for...
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    Winter growing dews waking up?

    Ah, okay, this is all good to know. They have been dormant for quite a few months, so it may just be their time. (Here is a picture for those interested).Daberrans by squidfengshui, on Flickr
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    Winter growing dews waking up?

    Hey, all. Early this spring I got some D. aberrans tubers in a trade. When I moved a couple months ago, I put the pot in my regular dew tray and forgot to take it out. As a result, they've been getting water, and are now waking up about 3 months early. Anyone have experience with this? Will...
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes hamata (10 fresh seeds) Giveaway

    1. nongpi - 14, 378, 250 2. Purpoh - 392, 476, 135 3. Grey Moss - 96, 215, 421 4. Swagalotus - 10, 321, 386 5. Girlygirl1010- 180, 356, 475 6. emc2 - 132, 256, 398 7. carnigrower01 288, 187, 364 8. Cain- 5, 350, 482 9. Plant Heathen- 69, 499, 179 10.sharkjaws1234- 368-455-629 11...
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    Corn Snakes!

    :love: corn snakes are on my list one day. So sweet.
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    *PAID*(emc2 $29} Drosera Graomogolensis

    Yay, I'm glad it made it out to you! Enjoy :)
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    Pitcher of the Month April 2017

    N. Maxima x Jacquelineae
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    *PAID*(Paul5516 $22) Drosera Gemmae!?

    My apologies. Read pretty much all of the rules except for that. Saw the other auctions up and jumped the gun, I guess.
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    *PAID*(gnathaniel $10)U. Livida Teacup

    For auction is a teacup chock full of U. Livida, "Jacoby, South Africa" (inspired by TheCarnivoreGirl, of course!) Bidding starts at $2, US only, I'll pay shipping.
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    *PAID*(Paul5516 $22) Drosera Gemmae!?

    My pygmies are still going strong, so up for auction is some rogue gemmae! You will receive three packs of approximately 10 gemmae each (possibly more): one of D. Roseana, one of D. Helodes, and one of D.Pulchella "orange flower." D. Helodes D. Roseana D. Pulchella "orange flower"...
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    *PAID*(Tacks $25) Pilea Peperomioides Plantlet

    This auction is for one small pilea peperomioides plantlet (currently on the tail end of being rooted in water, will be hardened off in media to prepare for a new home this week). Will ship potted. *edit* Note: I've decided I will ship this in a small pot to avoid root shock. Starting bid is...
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    *PAID*(emc2 $29} Drosera Graomogolensis

    Up for auction is one mature D. Graomogolensis which I will separate from my cluster (pictured below) and send bare root. Opening bid $5, US only, I will pay for shipping.