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    Nepenthes Seeds

    Maxima dark xunknown 1 wesly2010 2 savagegarden - Awesome! 3 PsychoSarah 4 Darren thanks!!!:D 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 copelandii xunknown 1 wesly2010 2 Lance - Thanks! 3 savagegarden - Awesome! 4hcarlton 5 PsychoSarah fixed
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    Drosera Gemmae SASE

    1. elgecko 2. theplantman You are AWESOME!! Thanks so much!! 3. pokie22 D. pulchella x omissa 1. KNepenthe 2. Incognito - Thanks! 3. ego3k Thanks! 4. hcarlton 5. afrodisa D. scorpiodes 1. jab91- thank you so much! Wish I had some pygmys to trade 2. Jcal. Thanks. I'll PM you. 3...
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    D. barbigera gemmae available.

    Hello! I do have abt 30++Sarracenia purpurea seeds collected a month back.I am interested in the trade.BTW I live in Singapore.why do you live? What is the best temperature and amout of light they need to grow well. Thanks Darren
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    Mimosa pudica

    Hey thanks for your information! Because they form seeds rather rare over here. Anyone happen to grow a mimosa plant with yellow flower one?my grow up to 1.3 meter tall months back. I was really surprise with that giant size.
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    Mimosa pudica

    My Mimosa seem to produce seeds this little amount of seeds after caring for them for more than 6 months. Here a picture of it. If anyone interested in them I willing to trade them out for sundew seeds or Venus fly trap seeds.
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    d.scorpioides gemmae production

    Hi tommyr, Do you have extra drosera scorp gemmae for trade.i have mimosa ( sensitive plant) seeds for trade.I live in Singapore. What is the best temperature for them to thrive in? Thanks and regards Darren.
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    Outdoor carnivorous plants to trade for Neps material

    Hi dan796 I do have the following for trade. 2X Nepenthes veitchill palm size bassal 1 x nepenthes hookeriana red speckled I am looking for your Venus flytraps dente. However are you willing to ship to Singapore? Regards Darren
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    Pygmy Drosera 2013

    whoa!!!! so many pygmy varieties!!!!i also wish to own some but i don't have gemmae.do you have any gemmae for sale.by the way i live in singapore. if you have do tell me i would buy from you.
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    Unlimited Scented Drosera Indica "pale pink flower" SASE+ Seed Giveaway

    I have received your seeds today!Thanks you so much:-))Have some question :how should i germinate them just sow them on a part peat 1 part pertile keep very moist will do?? any tips on growing them will also help me alot.thanks you once again for your seed giveaway.
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    Wire Man's Gratuitous Seed Giveaways!

    Hi wire man , I have received your seeds.thanks the amount of seeds is more than i expected.Thanks you so much for the seeds thanks
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    Nepenthes ampullaria seed Giveaway!

    Amazing giveaway! Thanks a lot man. 1. Lil Stinkpot 2. Sundrew 7. Exo 26.rball 8.darren4373 thanks
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    Seeds for SASE & Pings for postage

    P. esseriana 1.cpbobby thx. 2. AshG2385 - Thanks! 3. Punpkinface Thanks! 4. Not a Number - needed to replace a loss 5. Wesley - SWEET! 6. Biologyboy98 7. pyrotuc 8.Huntsmanshorn 9. 10. S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii 1. Punpkinface 2.corbeano 3. lil hokie 4. pyrotuc 5.Huntsmanshorn...
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    Unlimited Scented Drosera Indica "pale pink flower" SASE+ Seed Giveaway

    Hi , Your inbox is full.clear some as I cannot pm you. Darren
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    seeds for trade!!!!!!!

    Hi guys I have just newly collected some d.capensis seed from my plant .this was my first time getting those seed.I have quite a lot if them so I would like to trade this for the above seeds too. Thanks
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    Wire Man's Gratuitous Seed Giveaways!

    Hi wire man ,can I have some D. capillaris or D. spatulata seed .I have not get a reply yet.so I not too sure if I need to give you my address. Pm me if I can have some of those seeds. Thanks
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    Wire Man's Gratuitous Seed Giveaways!

    I would like too have some D. capillaris or D. spatulata seed.I tried to pm you but your inbox is full .
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    Wire Man's Gratuitous Seed Giveaways!

    I tried to pm u but your inbox is full. So I write here So do you want the seed that I offered s.purpurea ??since D. capillaris or D. spatulata seed is still available for give aways.can I have some of them ?? As i am interested in growing them from seeds Thanks Darren 4373
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    seeds for trade!!!!!!!

    hi guys, I am Darren,i live in Singapore.i have S.purpurea spp.(20)X1 ,And d.venosa seed(100)X1, D.burmanii,(50)X1,d.binata(20)X2. d.capenis typical (50)X3 to trade with you guys for the following cp. D. adelae seed B. filifolia seed B. liniflora seed lower nep. seed Venus fly trap or even...
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    Are this seeds???

    Ok thanks you guys for your kind replies.I will be more careful next time .
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    Are this seeds???

    Thanks for your reply! sorry for the bad picture.i did the cold stratification already for a month.They are in ''thread line form" under a miroscrope they just look like ~ (this sign)