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    What kind of plant pot do you use ?

    Recently I've been looking through some photo of people's carnivorous plants and wondered the following: would a mesh pond basket be better for nepenthes than a regular one because of the air circulation ? In my terrarium, I used the regular square pots that the plants came in and they do just...
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    What is your favorite hybrid?

    Hamata x nigra. I only saw it once through a google search and it was love at first sight.
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    You know you're addicted to CPs when you...

    Holy mother of nepenthes ! I think I just seen what heaven looks like. Also you know you're addicted when : - you spend more money on distill water than tap water. - when you're constantly checking on venders site to see if they have your favorite hybrid/species - when one of your friend tell...
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    Nepenthes Light cycle: 24 hours light cycle effects

    Well, I'm quite curious to see what happens then. Oddly enough, there's very little, or not many leaf burns. I thought that would be the first thing to happen but so far, so good.
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    Nepenthes Light cycle: 24 hours light cycle effects

    I will continue this experiment for 6 months or to a year. All the plants are intermediate to cool growers. All of them are hybrids. I'll update the specimens in the chamber when I get the time. I am trying to get the night temp to go down before 60. It's kinda hard without getting an AC but...
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    Nepenthes Light cycle: 24 hours light cycle effects

    That's interesting. My grow chamber is suppose to be a highland chamber.
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    Nepenthes Light cycle: 24 hours light cycle effects

    Mato : Did you noticed that when new plants where introduce, they would lose their pitchers or have a decrease in pitcher size or slow grow rate? If this experiment goes well or doesn't, depending on the result, I just wonder what would happen once I switch them back to a 15 or 18 hour light...
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    Nepenthes Light cycle: 24 hours light cycle effects

    I noticed that most website recommend that you give nepenthes at least a 14-16 hours light cycle in order to grow them properly. With that information, I ponder if anyone has exposed nepenthes to a more intense light cycle ? Say 20-24 hours a day , with little to no night cycle ? I am currently...
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    Nepenthes Osmocote Fertilizing

    I heard that some people fertilize their nepenthes by using osmocote. I tried doing some research on this topic and found out that people who have used it with great success, never mention the exact kind they used. Did they used the one with a NPK Analysis of 15-9-12 or 19-6-12, or 14-14-14 ...
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    Sunblaster T5 High Output and distance from plant

    I have one too. I have it over my larger nepenthes specimen. I say about 4 inches away from the source. The leaves move away from the light source so no leaf burn yet. Depending on the size of the largest plants (pictures would be nice) and what one you want care about more ( in term how light...
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    Hey, who's going to Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society?

    I'm going and bringing my nepenthes specimens to donate to California Carnivores if they take plants donation ( moving in year and cannot take large specimens with me due to space, plus I love their nursery and hope that they can used the specimen to benefit them in anyway), if not then, it will...
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    Cephalotus giveaway

    Police Story ?
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    Cephalotus giveaway

    Twin Dragons or The Forbidden Kingdom ?
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    Nepenthes lover

    Question: how often do you have to repot because you are adding fertilizer to the soil ? And have you ever experimented with a larger dose ? Would you recommend fertilizing , even if the nepenthes are in a highland terrarium ? Sorry, I'm new to fertilizing nepenthes as well. Also, regarding your...
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    My experience and what I've learned about mealybugs (ugh!)

    Urh, those things. I had a couple on one of my sarracenia, but thankfully my sarracenia was home to a couple of jumping spiders that took care of the problem with little intervention from me. I had to manually pull one or two off, but aside from that, the spiders devour the rest.
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    How many gallons of water do you use a months and how much do you pay?

    After calculating water usage per day from my misting unit, I would say ...probably 4-5$ a month. I buy a gallon worth of distilled water and fill the misting unit up.
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    which nep is your biggest diva

    My Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana is a huge diva for me. When I first got it, it was doing fine.... for 3 months and producing fine pitchers but then it stopped on month 4. On month 5, a leave started to die and it wasn't putting out new growth. After I moved it into a bigger terrarium, with...
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    Dream Hybrids

    N. villosa x ( hamata x singalana)
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    WOOT WOOT new Nepenthes just in!

    I believe 2 or 1 1/2 year ago is when I started out. How many specimens do you have so far ? You can probably get by. I used 6400k spectrum lights for grow lights and leave them on for 15 hours a day.
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    WOOT WOOT new Nepenthes just in!

    I noticed. If you are interested enough then maybe we can trade plants someday. ^ _ ^ I have grown nepenthes outdoors once. It was rather a unpleasant experience for me. The first couple of days was fine but the after a 2 weeks, the nepenthes showed sign of shock ( probably due to poor...