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    My Dionaea Fly trap looks like it dying.

    Sounds like sang is right. You may have put them out too soon, burning them. Pictures will help immensely.
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    Leaves? Who needs leaves?

    It looks like it is attached to a cedar of a sort. Cedars provide a good amount of shade with its leaves.
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    It's about time bluemax posted some photos!

    It seems like by the time the seeds begin to develop, there will be more mass in the flower stalk than the plant! Great plants!
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    Pics post!

    Great looking plants! Is that your indoor growing space, or Jumanji?
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    Sarracenia is not doing well

    It is producing phyllodia, or non carnivorous leaves. This means that the plant thinks it is late winter/early spring. It should be producing carnivorous leaves by now (depending on where you live).
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    Leaves? Who needs leaves?

    I don't know much on orchids so could someone please tell me how in da' heck this is possibl
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    The Perfect Nepenthes

    Thanks to all of you. Sangrock101, I have nothing to trade and cannot get any new plants at the moment. I have heard mixed reveiws on ventricosas. I heard they "need high humidity", but that "they are a great beginner plant", "they won't pitcher for me", etc. Do you have them in a greenhouse?
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    Silly Sally Sarracenia Spike

    I think it was just trying to learn some new knots!
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    The Perfect Nepenthes

    Thanks! I will look into them.
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    The Perfect Nepenthes

    I want to get more nepenthes. But I don't want ones that take special treatment. What are some that; pitcher in low humidity and are OK with being in a room with not tons of light. I already have a x ventrata
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    Hello everyone! I have joined this forum both because I have nothing else to do, and I am hoping to earn lots of knowledge for my CPs from all you guys. I live in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California! I have started out with just a venus flytrap, but have become an addict and begun...