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    Mealybugs on Sarracenia - will they drown?

    Thanks for the replies! Looks like I have a few options to test. I've got some plants that are so far gone that I might try and see if drowning works on them, but a few plants I can't risk losing might need chemical intervention. At the same time, I live within the native range of most of what...
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    Mealybugs on Sarracenia - will they drown?

    Hey, everyone. So after years of relatively carefree keeping of a variety of US native carnivorous plants and bog flowers, I had mysterious die-off throughout the summer and fall. At first, I thought it was probably a fungus (the summer was hot and wet, anyway), but it never seemed to do much...
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    Beginner Nepenthes Giveaway

    Forgot to stop in and say I got my package. Thanks!
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    My first sarracenia flower--pollen?

    Does anyone even have fall flowers successfully seed?
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    Nepenthes maxima seedlings Giveaway Part III

    I'm gonna exclude myself from the giveaway, but I'm offering your son a pic nonetheless! catesbaei in from the same county in which it was originally described.
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    Beginner Nepenthes Giveaway

    Yea, no email here. Sending payment shortly! Thanks a million!
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    Beginner Nepenthes Giveaway

    I'll give it a shot! 1.Garylee123-thankd 2.samolo 3. SFLguy - Thank you so much for the chance to get one of these! 4. Sashoke 5.dozer1028 6. umop_apisdn Nepenthes x hookeriana (Lowland): 1.Garylee123-thanks 2. Savagegarden--thanks 3.samolo 4. Dawlito - Thanks! 5. Calfanator - thanks 6...
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    Giveback giveaway - Sarrecenia catesbaei

    1.ps3isawesome mucho gracias!! 2. Goodkoalie thanks so much for the chance 3. NemJones Absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of the aliens from Independence Day. 4. Colieo 5. birdybrain - thanks!! 6. Hunikejr-Thanks 7. savagegarden - thanks! 8. umop_apisdn - fingers crossed! Thanks!
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    Givin Back

    1.dozer1028 thank you so much. 2.Eric-thanks! 3. ps3isawesome, thank you, a great collection 4. birdybrain - very generous giveaway, thanks for the chance! 5.Jeremy, thank you 6. Dawlito - thanks 7. Username: I am looking forward to the day I've got a large enough collection to do this. Thanks...
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    small sarracenia giveaway #1

    1. Firerock Thanks 2. birdybrain, awesome giveaway! thanks 3. savagegarden - Thanks! 4. Goodkoalie 5. planturd thank you thank you 6. captdonaldduc 7. umop_apisdn thanks!
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    N. attenboroughii seed

    1. ego3k Thanks for the opportunity! 2. Incognito - Thanks! 3. Ambanja - Thanks! 4. Pineapple 5. Pebes- Thanks! 6. theplantman thank you! 7.richjam1986- Thanks 8. catrus TY!* 9. KNepenthe 10.thelarge 11. hcarlton 12. planturd even cooler 13. NatchGreyes 14. Midnight Sun 15. JB_orchidguy lost all...
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    Nepenthes sp. seed

    1. mato - Thanks, yet again! 2. Ambanja - Thanks! 3. Incognito - Thanks! 4. catrus TY!! 5. planturd awsome 6. ego3k Thanks! 7. NatchGreyes 8. tzestan 9. Midnight Sun 10. JB_orchidguy I've grown out serval batches of seeds and can post pics of a few SG plants I started when I get home if needed...
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    Small division Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek, AL for postage (US only)

    1. Brassleaves, thanks for the generous offer! 2. Ambanja - Love those green Leucos! Thanks! 3. Incognito - Thanks! 4. Nickz123 - I would love the chance to grow this 5. Salgadoxx8- hope i win it for my mom's graden, tryna get her into CPs, thanks! 6. Captdonaldduc, Thanks for the give away ...
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    soil moisture tolerance

    I'm curious and have a question for the more experienced people here. How do Nepenthes tolerate saturated soils (in this case, peat/sphagnum mix)? More specifically, if I were to have a setup that constantly dripped/refreshed water from the top and drained through the bottom, would that be too...
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    What's your ideal glass terrarium for tropical pitchers?

    Not trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm just not familiar enough with the CP community to know if there is any simple functionality to add to a terrarium that isn't already out there. I'm fully aware of the Exo-Terra/Zoo-Med varieties of terrariums. I bought one of the 18"x18"x24" models when...
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    Terrarium/tank stand build log.

    I had made a similar style stand in college from leftover 2x4s my landlord gave me. Yours, however, looks a good bit prettier and well-planned. Does that thing weigh as much as it looks like it does? Curious...what sort of automated watering system are you going to go for?
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    What's your ideal glass terrarium for tropical pitchers?

    Thanks for the input. But since I like to keep the electrical cost of my many terraria minimized, I'll go without the fans until my experience dictates the need. Once I have things hooked up to my MistKing system, I imagine the intermittent spritzes should keep air flowing nicely. Time will...
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    What's your ideal glass terrarium for tropical pitchers?

    It's really not all that tough to build something to suit your own needs. I guess each of us has our own thing that we'd look for in a terrarium/vivarium, and yours seems to be size. With patience and a decent idea of where to look for it, you can get 1/4" glass for free. I just scored 2...
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    What's your ideal glass terrarium for tropical pitchers?

    Hey guys. I recently started cutting glass as a new hobby, considering I've been into keeping reptiles and amphibians in vivariums since I was a kid. My first couple of terrariums I built were Euro-style (restricted top ventilation with sliding glass front and low front ventilation), and I'm...
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    Cracked Aquarium, Would Love Advice

    Reconstructing an aquarium/terrarium is incredibly easy, though it's a bit time-consuming to deconstruct a broken tank into separate parts to rebuild. Also, you're likely to break the plastic rims that hold the top and bottom together in the process. If you don't really care about that (any...