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    *PAID*(seige $35) Burgundy Bundle VFT/Sarracenia

    Plants received, Thxs for the extra.
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    *PAID*(seige $10) "Akai Ryu" VFT grown from flower scape cutting

    plant received excellent condition
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    WTB: drosera prolifera

    WTB: drosera prolifera Looking to buy a decent size plant for a good price. List Date: 9/28/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: drosera prolifera -------------------------------------- Want to Buy (WTB) Please Contact Buyer with offers...
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    Sarracenia "Judith Hindle" (seige $18/tje25 $20/SgtSarracenia $25)

    received my plant, very nice root system thanks
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    Drosera admirabilis

    yes I meant soupy.
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    Drosera admirabilis

    thxs I will dig it up and try a root cutting, should I put it in soil or soapy lfs.