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    Photos from Splinter Hill Bog

    ok, since i dont really use this account much the password is gofins
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    Photos from Splinter Hill Bog

    haha alright guys, this is taking way way way too long so I'm just going to post the link to the album, also, there are 4 videos of several areas of the bog as well. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v333/sarraceniaguy/
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    Photos from Splinter Hill Bog

    hey guys, even more to come my computer's just taking a while to post:
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    Photos from Splinter Hill Bog

    Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted here. Well, long story short I am finishing my senior year of high school in Montgomery, Alabama playing football for my brother. Yesterday, I had the day off from track so I decided to make the 2 1/2 hour drive down to Perdido to check...
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    My devils claw

    OOOHHH I have always loved the devils claw however the only time I ever had one sprout was when it was accidentally mixed in with some of my spider plants, how do you germinate yours? it seems I can never get consistent germination with mine
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    Drosophyllum seed pod

    very nice elgecko thanks for the picture
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    my Darlingtonia bog

    very,very,very,very nice, in your second picture it looks like you have them in a tupperware container, if you expanded their pot they would probably be even bigger of a clump (it is of course HUGE already)
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    What Kind of Nepenthes is this ?

    looks fairly hard to tell i would say ventrata but it could just as easily be ventricosa
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    Otts GreenHouse in Pa

    looks more like a rainforest than a greenhouse, wow!
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    Vacation Pics

    awesome! thats in wyoming right?
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    VFT's from xscd update

    thats really awesome, reminds me of jeremiahs new huge pot of VFTs, has about 130 Vfts in one mini bog
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    Folair feeding my Venus flytrap

    I agree with steve, my plants are usually very slow growers while adapting to a new habitat, I have killed at least 50 VFTs as well so i am defiantely not a pro at this thing, but once they adapt they usually grow like mad, all they need is some time, and i bet they will look awesome by the end...
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    my H. minor

    very nice, alot of the time when you repot them into bigger pots they spread out and fill the whole thing really fast so hopefully yours will do that
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    they have arrived.....................

    everything looks so cool, i wish i could afford dart frogs, maybe someday ill see them in a pet store for cheap, i like your evewrything room
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    anybody know where i can buy pitcher plants?

    its really exiting to find good cps in your area because its usually so rare, i am lucky enough to live right next to jeremiah harris so i can go over to see his greenhouses and trade for some rare varieties, try home stores, the ones they carry are usually low quality, but at least they have...
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    Insect Holes?

    slug pellets work i've been told, just be carefull, i was over at jeremiahs once and he was spreading slug pellets, we went inside for some reason and when we came out his enw puppy had gotten into them, we had to make him throw up and take him to a vet before he was good again
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    whoa, who is this troy guy, does he do this for a charge just wondering, i've always wanted to try out orchid seedlings