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  1. xantius

    FT: Sars, Pings, and a Nep

    I realize this is a bit of a stretch given that I have almost nothing to trace, but I I've got limited grow space and so I'm looking to part ways with some plants that take up too much space. What I really want to grow are Cephs and Heli's since my small grow area is completely climate...
  2. xantius

    Looking for VFTs

    Thanks for the great responses everyone. PMs sent!
  3. xantius

    Looking for VFTs

    Dang, that's right! I need to do that. PM sent.
  4. xantius

    Looking for VFTs

    I know they are simple, but I'd love to add some VFTs to my collection. They are what got me started in this hobby in the first place. I'm just getting started, so all I have to trade are U. alpina and U. nephrophylla. Any takers? I'd love some petite dragons, B52, etc. if anyone has some spare...
  5. xantius

    Free plants,You pay shipping

    I'll take the rest
  6. xantius

    WIP New Lowland Grow Chamber

    Bobby, I tried to send you a PM but your box is full. Can you clear it out or send me a PM with your email address? xantius
  7. xantius

    Giveaway:D. venusta

  8. xantius

    Drosera Capensis Seed SASE

    By the way, your PM box is full so I can't send you a PM. ;-)
  9. xantius

    Drosera Capensis Seed SASE

    1. Pearldiver Thanks! 2.tatorger thank you! 3.Exotix, Muchas Gracias 4.kulsnubbe 5. Oregoncp -TY 6.cool85k5 7. Wesly2010 8. leeslikkers, many thanks!!! 9. xantius 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.
  10. xantius

    Cephalotus leaf pulls Giveaway!

    Got the pullings and have them planted. I'm SUPER excited since I'm starting my collection over from scratch. I'll keep you posted. Thanks RSS!
  11. xantius

    Air Circulation in grow area

    Nice. I was just going to ask how that's done. I think that's what I'll shoot for, though I will probably buy some nice variable speed fans. Anyone have pictures of their nice computer fan setups?
  12. xantius

    Air Circulation in grow area

    I've got a 4 foot long aquarium I'm setting up to grow plants and in the past have really struggled with finding a good air circulation solution. What are people using to slowly circulate air in their grow areas? -Xantius-
  13. xantius

    Wash your media?

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback. Looks like I should skip out for most things and I think I will here in the future. For those who wash things such as sand, do you use RO water or tap water?
  14. xantius

    Wash your media?

    Do people here, especially those who grow more sensitive plants like Cephs, heli's, etc, wash their media before they plant? I've been known to wash my Orchid Bark, Peat, and APS in filtered water until I get a PPM of less than 50. Thoughts? -xantius
  15. xantius

    Mexican Ping IDs

    Sheesh, I haven't seen a real ping in so long I couldn't identify. Good looking specimen though.
  16. xantius

    Need Dionaea seed and others- WSU University

    Blake is a gentlemen and a scholar, truly. If you have seed and could donate to him, I can confirm that the product will be used for educational studies. We have a scientist in our midst!
  17. xantius

    Nepenthes truncata seed giveaway for SASE

    1. David F- great opportunity! 2. N.Kuzmata - Cheers! 3. catrus TY!! 4.N.bicalcarata thanks 5. xantius 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  18. xantius

    Cape sundew seeds for SASE

    That's very cool of you Evil Gnome. Thank you very much for that kindness. xantius
  19. xantius

    Cape sundew seeds for SASE

    Apparently I'm just a hair too late (wound up in a horrible snow storm and it took hours to get home). I don't have a single CP and was just hoping to start so if you wind up with any extra, or if anyone drops out, i'd love to grab some.