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  1. NepNut

    Today's Pics..

    Nice nep collection ... especially love you crispy green albo :bigthumpup:
  2. NepNut

    Beginning of tropical rainy season

    Thankyou all for your kind comments, I enjoyed looking at the H/L and intermediate species/hybrids that you all able to grow beautifully. Since I'm living in a tropical country, I have to be content with L/L and some intermediates nep species/hybrids... that's is until I can get some sort of...
  3. NepNut

    Nepenthes Photos!

    Nice !! Love N. x Exotic lady and N. inermis x bongso what a collection ! :hail:
  4. NepNut

    Bunch of (mostly) nep pics.

    Wow... speechless :hail:, wish I have a cool house to grow those H/L species and hybrids :drool:
  5. NepNut

    Beginning of tropical rainy season

    Yay !! Now it started to rain :rookwoot: With cooler night time temperature and higher humidity, my neps started to respond well to the change in weather pattern. :grin: Here's some of the pics to share :blush: N. andamada (yet to be confirm by expert) N. x Goblin (N. maxima x...
  6. NepNut

    Pitcher of the Month March Winners

    Thanks for your kind words, nightsky. I love your N. glabrata also... ;)
  7. NepNut

    Pitcher of the Month March Winners

    Thanks for organizing the contest, please keep up the good work. I'm honoured that a simple low lander such as N. rafflesiana can get a spot light among other more exotic intermediate / high land species & hybrids.
  8. NepNut

    Densiflora X Truncata king of clubs update pic's

    Stunning color even at such young age... really good potential to be a stunning plant in the near future. I just hope mine can adapt well to tropical L/L weather.
  9. NepNut

    Pitcher of the Month TF edition March 2010

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I think raff produce some of the coolest looking uppers among nepenthes species. Raffs are common but this variant is very rare. The whole plant is at least 5-7 ft long now, I'm waiting for it to flower :grin: Here's a shot of the whole plant... (not...
  10. NepNut

    El Nino Neps

    Thanks it's also one of my favorites... :grin:
  11. NepNut

    NepNut's Nepenthes

    NepNut's Nepenthes Growlist (Updated : 25 Mar 2010) Nepenthes Species N. adnata (BE) N. alata “Surigao” (MT) N. albomarginata "Cameron Highland" (MT), "Green", "Penang Red" & "Rubra" N. ampullaria - various varieties N. bellii “Green” , "Orange" N. benstonei N. bicalcarata “Orange”...
  12. NepNut

    El Nino Neps

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. SK, I'm aware of this problem. I just follow what EP labeled their plants as when I recieved from them. The thing is, I as a mere hobbyist can't be 100% certain what species EP used as "N. thorellii" (you mentioned as well) and that's not counting if...
  13. NepNut

    Which is better for neps (bugs)

    I would still go for ants. Most neps (except for a few) evolved naturally and secrete nectars to attract insects particularly ants (also other flying insects) to it's pitcher. So I think overall, ant wiould still be the best "food" for neps. That's just my personal view... :grin:
  14. NepNut

    El Nino Neps

    Hi everyone, This prolonged draught and low humidity hot weather really make our life "hotter" than usual in Peninsular Malaysia. Let's se how my neps are doing in such weather... I grew all my neps outdoor under 50% shade net in L/L tropical weather. N. ampullaria -1 N. ampullaria - 2...
  15. NepNut

    New neps...Blurry pics

    The TC N. X Dyeriana clone is very common in Asian market now a days, if not mistaken, the source were from China.
  16. NepNut

    n. rafflesiana white ?

    LOL.... sure.... for the dried pitcher :-))
  17. NepNut

    Mid-March Pitchers

    What a collection of nice nep species and hybrids... :hail:
  18. NepNut

    Northiana Substrate -- Cindy HELP!

    Cindy is the nep queen from this side of the globe :hail:.... sometimes I wondered how she grew all her awesome neps living in a high rise condominium... hats off to you :-D
  19. NepNut

    Pitcher of the Month TF edition March 2010

    Hi folks, First time joining this contest. Nothing fancy as compared to H/L nep species and hybrids. :blush: N. rafflesiana Thanks !
  20. NepNut

    n. rafflesiana white ?

    Here's my "White Knight" ;)