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  1. JoeG

    Use of bugs killed with insecticide?

    The plants are inside in a grow tent . They were not on the Porch.
  2. JoeG

    Use of bugs killed with insecticide?

    Yeah, that’s probably the smart thing.
  3. JoeG

    Use of bugs killed with insecticide?

    Is it ok to use bugs that died of insecticide to feed my nepenthes and other carnivorous plants? I just cleaned our screened in porch after being on vacation. There were a number of dead bugs on the porch. I assume they died of insecticide because the pest control guys spray a few times a year...
  4. JoeG

    Pitcher of the Month December 2022

    This (maxima x talangensis) x hamata BE-3777 is growing fast now that it is in the grow tent. Even in the South Carolina summer, it seemed slow. The peristome starts out a pale red, then turns a nice jet black. The teeth are a nice touch.
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  6. JoeG

    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    There is a list server on “group.io”.the hometissuecuture group. I used to belong. It was very informative. It appears to be somewhat active. It does have 25 years of correspondence. It requires signing up. It is free. “ https://groups.io/g/hometissueculture”. It shows Carol still in charge...
  7. JoeG

    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    Apparently the site didn’t like my link. “HTTPS://YouTu.be/U-Wza5frZY”. Hope this goes through.
  8. JoeG

    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    The Home TissueCulture group is where I learned a lot of my info. It was a good group. Lots os good people and info.According to what I’ve read lately, it has disbanded. You my still be able to get in touch with Carol. I took one of her seminars. It very informative. Here is a YouTube link to a...
  9. JoeG

    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    Just to clarify, do you already have all of the jars, forceps, ph meter, scales, protocols for your plants, agar, clean box, sterilizing methods, etc,etc? It would be helpful to know what stage of information you are and how much equipment you already have. I did TC with tropical and...
  10. JoeG

    Overgrown Orchid!

    It seems healthy enough. Generally when an orchid or just about any plant that doesn’t bloom, it’s due to lack of enough light. It would help if you had the species or hybrid name.
  11. JoeG

    Nepenthes of Peninsular Malaysia

    Those were great pictures of a wonderful trip. I looked at the albums too, very, very nice.
  12. JoeG

    Plant of the Month July 2022

    Brassavola nodosa A tough species of orchid that grows in South America, Central America. It is also called “Lady of the Night”. It is easy to grow. Likes full sun or very bright light. It likes temperatures similar to lowland nepenthes. It is a medium sized epiphhytic or lithophytic orchid with...
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  16. JoeG

    Grey Moss Thread

    Neither can I.
  17. JoeG

    adnedarn's photo thread

    I just purchased a N Raff, medium sized. How long does it take to get the size of your Raff var alata? That is a good looking pitcher.
  18. JoeG

    Nepanthes seedlings lid closing due to humidity

    Since akadama is a fired clay material, do you see an increase in TDS as it slowly dissolves, or do you flush the media each time u water?
  19. JoeG

    Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin Inverness (rothschildianum x Philippinense)

    This is an orchid I’ve been growing for about 5 years. It’s a reliable bloomer. About a month or so ago I decided to divide it. At the time there was no indication of flower buds. As soon as I divided it both plants sent up spikes. Both spikes are going to have 4 flowers in bloom at the same...
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