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  1. gnathaniel

    Ceramic planter

    Offered here is a handmade (by me) ceramic planter, approximately 6" diameter and 3" tall, featuring a raised foot, one main drainage hole, and 3 auxiliary tie-down/wiring holes. Plantable interior dimensions are 3" bottom dia/5.5" top and 2.5" high. Fully vitrified cone 6 stoneware and fully...
  2. gnathaniel

    PAID (Wcaphoto $15) Orchid divisions

    Recently potted or mounted divisions of four somewhat compact growing orchids, for scale those are 2" net pots. From left to right: 1. Isabelia pulchella 2. Dendrobium aphyllum 3. Dendrobium kingianum 4. Dendrobium Kokomo, a very fragrant moniliforme-dominant hybrid USPS Priority shipping is...
  3. gnathaniel

    PAID (Wcaphoto $15) Uncommon epiphytic cactus starts

    Offered here are small divisions of five relatively uncommon epiphytic cacti. All have some roots but are not completely established in 2" net pots. Clockwise from left: 1. Rhipsalis floccosa ssp. pulvinigera, a large growing pendant mistletoe cactus 2. Epiphyllum pumilum, dwarf Queen of the...
  4. gnathaniel

    What are you planning on donating to the auction this year?

    I have a few small mounted orchid divisions I'll offer--Dendrobium aphyllum, Isabelia pulchella, and maybe some others. Definitely interested in bidding on unusual Anthurium and other non-carnivorous tropicals, though as in years past my major interest will probably be obtaining various...
  5. gnathaniel

    (PAID) (gnathaniel $8) longifolia

    Received in great condition, thanks!
  6. gnathaniel

    (PAID) (gnathaniel $10) Utricularia livida

    Received in great condition, and thanks so much for the extra plant! Donated another $15 to NASC for the extra.
  7. gnathaniel

    (PAID) (adnedarn $25) U.alpina

    Ah, sorry! I should have re-read the rules... $23
  8. gnathaniel

    What would you like to be able to bid on in the 2021 NASC auction?

    Utricularia especially pubescens, other unusual terrestrials, or any of the various epiphytes; Mexican Pinguicula species; epiphytic and lithophytic ferns; maybe handmade pottery?