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  1. Hermopolis

    Growing Pineapple Plant!!!

    Pineapples seem to do better when grown from seed. The seeds can be a little bit hard to find on a mature pineapple, but most do have one or two. Pineapple plants grown from the tops never seem to reach the same level of maturity as their seed grown counterparts--the plants just seem...
  2. Hermopolis

    Beware..another homeowner raided

    Oh crud... I buy my grow lights and bulbs from hydroponic suppliers. I use mine for CPs, herbs, and citrus trees, and the last thing I want is some drug enforcement gorilla destroying both my plants and my reputation. Wonderful. BTW Av8tor1, I feel your pain with the sinus issues. At least...
  3. Hermopolis


    Just an FYI. Getting CITES certs from the US for export (even for non-native plants) is really difficult. They are not a department that is at all easy to work with. You have to literally bend over backwards to show they weren't illegally procured. How you prove a negative is still quite...
  4. Hermopolis

    amphirion's picture thread...

    Sweet pics. I especially like the heliamphora shots. You have u. campbelliana! I am so envious. :-O
  5. Hermopolis

    VERY ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

    Be careful with this one. Those fifty plants belong to what is known as "household effects." The catch-22 here is that plants do not become household effects until they reach your domicile. You cannot just go on vacation and bring back a live plant protected under CITES because they are not...
  6. Hermopolis

    DIY LED plant light project

    This debate has been going on for a while now with much more glister than gold. I've heard a lot of claims made in regards to LEDs. Quite frankly these claims smack of the hype used with compact fluorescent bulbs, and they were a bit of a bust when it came to a high end lighting...
  7. Hermopolis

    Unknown Utricularia...

    It's the cleistogamous form of subulata. While bisquamata can produce seed cleistogamously, eventually you will see flowers that look like tiny fried eggs (white on the outside, yellow on the inside). The number of cleistogamous stems is highly diagnostic of subulata. This form of subulata is...
  8. Hermopolis

    Plant used to feed butterflies...

    At the botanical gardens in Galveston, TX, they were using this plants to feed the butterflies in their butterfly garden. I tried asking the helpers there what it was but nobody I asked knew. Can anyone identify this plant? Thanks, Hermes.
  9. Hermopolis

    This is what happens when you leave a terrarium unattended for 3 months

    It definitely looks like a regular form n. gracilis and a nice one too. Makes me miss the gracilis that I had. But your plants look great.
  10. Hermopolis

    Unlimited Scented Drosera Indica "pale pink flower" SASE+ Seed Giveaway

    I sent my envelope a few days ago. Thanks!!! -Hermes.
  11. Hermopolis

    Utricularia in full sun?

    I grow all my utrics in full sun and find that they thrive in that climate.
  12. Hermopolis

    My grow rack: criticism, please!

    Actually, it is not a problem growing Sarracenia inside as long as you respect dormancy. During the summer I keep my Sarrs in a terrarium under MHs, and during dormancy they sit on my windowsill. Of course, the reason why this works is because where I live it gets nasty cold outside and the...
  13. Hermopolis

    What terrestrial Utrics can grow submersed under water, permanently?

    You may want to consider utrics that are lithophytes. I know dichotoma enjoys flooding (even for weeks), but I don't know if it will survive permanently under water. Lithophytes do well in flowing water where is good gas exchange. -Hermes.
  14. Hermopolis

    Import problem

    F R e N c H 3 z is correct that a lot of factors go into the selection of grad school students, but he is not correct that GRE is a joke. It is anything but a joke. Some schools take it very seriously, especially in years like this last one where some schools had 10 times the applications...
  15. Hermopolis

    Import problem

    It is very difficult to deal with US Customs these days. Unless it is in sterile TC media, it is very difficult these days to get plants into the US. It really has come to the point where you're best no longer trying. BTW, I also sympathize with you on the GRE. The GRE is hell. I hope you...
  16. Hermopolis

    what's this bug?

    It is a June Bug also known as a Scarab or Dung beetle. They come in an enormous range of colors and sizes. Some people even collect these exclusively. -Hermes.
  17. Hermopolis

    superthrive for neps?

    I used to use it for neps, but I don't anymore. I'm not convinced it does anything. However, I know it has its defenders. -Hermes.
  18. Hermopolis

    Novel ways of growing your Utrics?

    A lot of utrics take well to slow moving areas in water fountains, especially if you have kind of a flat area where the water trickles over. -Hermes.
  19. Hermopolis

    Utricularia dichotoma – Tasmania

    My u. dichotoma were exceptional in their flowers for me this year. They seems to particularly enjoy the occasional flood. I even had one stalk with 8 flowers. -Hermes.