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  1. deeloc

    hello neighbor

    hello neighbor
  2. deeloc

    Dee's trip to Hilo, HI

    @ Mass...dam that sucks. Hilo is definately a different Hawaii. Lot of coqui frogs, rain, and nothing open late. lol. Puna is the place where the Wowwie is grown... @ awgaupp...no sorry I was trying to not look as then I would've been even more tempeted to buy. lol. They were really nice plants...
  3. deeloc

    Dee's trip to Hilo, HI

    My aunty has a few hibiscus, couple of em are in the jungle... Not so much plumeria, I see a few trees here and there in yards but its wet in Hilo. There's a lot of flowering ginger and anthuriums.
  4. deeloc

    Dee's trip to Hilo, HI

    :banana2: Thanks Liz... Anyone have a clue as to what the Nepenthes is?
  5. deeloc

    Dee's trip to Hilo, HI

    So my trip is winding down...leaving Friday morning and returning to reality. I went to the nursery and bought my aunty a Nepenthes...didn't have any name though. Hopefully it'll grow without too much thought, lol, my aunty is not to good with plants. Today I went to the farmer's market and...
  6. deeloc

    Shedd's Aquarium: Chicago

    WOW, I definately need to plan a trip to that aquarium!
  7. deeloc

    for all you doubters out there

  8. deeloc


    cool thanks for the help guys!
  9. deeloc

    just started college for digital media,,first to video affects

    that's cool stuff rockhoppernc! I'm taking 4 classes at the comm. college for webdesign right now, so I can add 'web associate' to my accreditation
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    I repotted my Ventrata today, and I didn't remove the old media, it didn't look or smell bad, but the plant looked to small for me in the pot...I went from a 6 inch pot up to an 8 inch and that is sitting in a 10 inch octagon wood slat pot. Would it be ok for now? I don't really know what to...
  11. deeloc

    Free Raffle

    1. Bonfield 2. raccoon city 3.Wesley 4. Millworkman 5. 6. 7.JFactor 8. Bag1234 9. M Jacobs 10. 11.schejuka 12.manzano167 13. Raven01000 14. Awgaupp 15. Dsrtfox1942 16. Dexenthes 17. CPsam 18. Sarracenia 19. chibae 20. Remag 21. kgrudz 22. jpappy789 23. Blake Wellard 24. SDCPs 25. Myhumminbird...
  12. deeloc

    D. Spatulata 'Pink Flowers'...

    it looks like cherry blossom tattoos
  13. deeloc

    safe enamel?

    Enamel is oil based so there will be fumes etc. Once I tried to set the sand in fiberglass resin and some of it stayed in place. The resin 'wicked' itself up to the sand that wasn't in the resin and kinda stuck, but if you touched it a lot it would brush off as not alot of the resin had bonded...
  14. deeloc

    October flicks

    The plants I got from Travis and Liz are doing great (Thanks again guys!) My ventrata has new pitchers forming like crazy, and some of the dews are catching unsuspecting bugs.
  15. deeloc

    If you are into Natural Wonders this is a MUST SEE

    That is AMAZING, like science fiction scenery come to life.
  16. deeloc

    VOTE Pepsi to Prevent Extinction!!!

    I voted twice so far