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  1. n bicalcarata

    A trip to Jeremiah's

    Nice photos, did want to point out that that one photo is of eymae ‘turnbull’ not epiphytica.
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  3. n bicalcarata

    N. Aristolochioides wild seeds

    If you look at Christian's sale page carnivorsandmore he often sites Deni as a seed source, Deni is a seller of both poached seed and seed he produces at his place (look at his facebook seed sales group it's pretty obvious) Christian is also a memberin his private sales group. Christian also...
  4. n bicalcarata

    N. Aristolochioides wild seeds

    His seeds are collected from the wild, as are Jeremiah's (not his aristo but most of his rare plants like edwardsiana). Most people I know think that wild collected seed isn't the worst thing, most seedgrown pure species plants for sale are from wild collected seed. Its not really a black and...
  5. n bicalcarata

    Suggestions on species/hybrids with black pitchers?

    Leonardoi has almost black pitchers
  6. n bicalcarata

    Some coffee; some patience; some time . . .

    Only a year for that growth wow, I hope my eddy that's on coffe grows like that! By the way what are its temps
  7. n bicalcarata

    Nepenthes in vitro . . .

    Tissue culturing any hamata red hairy's :poke:
  8. n bicalcarata

    Asian pitcher plant fall / winter

    one thing that may help would to put it on a desk somewhere with good airflow and put it under a a t8 shoplight t5 if possible or even better would be in a 50gal fish tank under lights.
  9. n bicalcarata

    N. attenboroughii seed

    You guys need to fix the numbers because the numbers go 20 21 22 20 21 22 23 I also forgot to mention I have grown Dubai and jamban from seed.
  10. n bicalcarata

    N. attenboroughii seed

    21. N bicalcarata -thanks I have germinated nepenthes seeds before with high success rates. I am much better at germinating HL (aristolochioides, ventricosa) seed than LL seed which is good in this case! :)
  11. n bicalcarata

    Pitcher of the Month June 2013

    wow that's a nice lowii x campy