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  1. Dave S.

    CP Photo contest for an NECPS and Tower Hill Advertising Campaign

    The NECPS and Tower Hill Botanic Garden are jointly planning to promote our 13th Annual Carnivorous Plant Show on September 10 & 11 next year. We are searching for a high resolution cp image that will be used for our huge posters, plentiful post cards and other media promoting the show. We are...
  2. Dave S.


    While they can grow in shade, I prefer growing mine in bright light. I grow mine indoors in a lowland/intermediate terrarium. I water it all the time. I would not be concerned about the lid, as that is how it grows in nature. I grow it in cypress bark topped off with live LFS.
  3. Dave S.

    The ultimate seed-growing thread

    I know some people soak non-cp seeds in 3% H2O2 before planting without ill-effect. I would err on the side of caution and use 3%, but dilute it even more with pure water that will drop the % even lower. I know I spoke to someone in the NECPS about this before specifically with nepenthes seeds...
  4. Dave S.

    The ultimate seed-growing thread

    I will take a shot at this one. A mist of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and pure water.
  5. Dave S.

    Ant Plants

    I will ask my friend the next time I see him, but the answer is likely to be unknown.
  6. Dave S.


    It is G. rufescens and the flowers have a great scent to them.
  7. Dave S.


    Gongora rufescens flower spike
  8. Dave S.

    Handheld hand holding pitcher pictures

    N. bicalcarata - the latest leaf if over two feet long at the moment
  9. Dave S.

    Ant Plants

    Thanks for your cultivation notes; compensating for the missing N makes sense. The parent plant was likely from seed collected in Malaysia in 1985. The original plant was grown at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, then by the University of CT, then to me from the Director of Botany there, who is a...
  10. Dave S.

    Ant Plants

    Those are looking great! Did you have them outside during the summer? Mine did much better outside this past summer than in my terrariums. Have you used fertilizer on them?
  11. Dave S.

    Fertilizing Drosera

    I crumble high-protein flake fish food and lightly dust them. I try to not concentrate any food on a particular leaf.
  12. Dave S.


    I grow them like utricularia. I use the tray method, I raise on lower the water levels. The substrates are peat/sand or wet LFS. I grow some as highland and others as lowland/intermediate. I try to provide bright light, but they can get occasionally shaded by nepenthes leaves in my setups. I...
  13. Dave S.

    Nepenthes seedling repotting?

    The reason to separate them now is that their roots will become intertwined making it difficult to separate the fragile roots from each plant in the future. I would suggest moving them to proper highland conditions ASAP.
  14. Dave S.

    LETs SEE YOUR HAMATA's! (photo thread)

    Check out this site for more pictures of N. hamata variants that are out there: Nepenthes hamata photos They all tend to get fairly large in time from what I understand.
  15. Dave S.

    LETs SEE YOUR HAMATA's! (photo thread)

    Yes, most people exclusively grow these indoors. I no longer grow this plant, but this is an N. hamata I grew nearly ten years ago. BE N. hamata in 2006 by bid2win1
  16. Dave S.

    WTB Dioscroea elephantipes

    If no one here has them to trade or sell, I have seen these for sale at Top Tropicals in FL. You may need to call them.
  17. Dave S.

    Some help needed for a few problems.

    I have a N. bicalcarata that has the "rust" on the leaves which is most likely a common nepenthes fungal infection due to stress. If your new growth is not repeating this pattern, you should be OK. I would not mist the leaves with water. I would guess that growing this plant outside in Malaysia...
  18. Dave S.

    Anyone using LED shop lights?

    That light has potential. I made a call to a local lighting distributor on Friday and I know they at least carry the Luxul brand. I will let you know what I find out for LED options.
  19. Dave S.

    Anyone using LED shop lights?

    Yes, I am interested in group buy for LED shop lights. I work for a company that sells manufacturing equipment to LED makers like Phillips, Cree, etc. so I have been familiar with LED for a long time and I have grown plants with LED for just about ten years now. I still use some of my LED lights...
  20. Dave S.

    Help me with my first tuberous Drosera!

    You can find his care sheet on our NECPS website: http://www.necps.org/documents/guides/Tuberous%20Drosera%20Care%20Sheet.pdf