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    Sundews not finishing their meal

    Adelae have feasted on small fruit flies this year and now have them stuck all over them and look like they have been covered in dirt. Were they never told to clean their plate or that other plants are starving in other areas of the world? Could be attention-seeking to get me to get the...
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    Sarracenia Scarlet Belle

    I live in Olive Hill. It is about half way between Morehead and Ashland. Eastern Ky.
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    Sarracenia Scarlet Belle

    I have a beautiful Sarracenia Scarlett belle growing a small bog garden I made out of a pond insert in my backyard in Kentucky. It has been pretty mild here so far and it looks great with ths some flytraps growing with it. I read that it has a semi-dormancy period. I have been planning to...
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    Thanks. Frank Lyons P.O. Box 152 33 Short Ridge Olive Hill, KY. 41164

    Thanks. Frank Lyons P.O. Box 152 33 Short Ridge Olive Hill, KY. 41164
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    Capensis alba seeds available

    I'd like a few seeds, but I have nothing to trade.
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    Drosera ordensis seeds for SASE

    I'd like one. Thanks.
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    intermedia seeds wanted

    Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the help.
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    No dew

    I bought some sundews at Lowe's. I do not know what species they are or how many different species there are. Two are doing fair, but no dew at all. The third, which was larger, has not even faired as well as it was when I got it about three weeks ago. ANy tips or info on anyhting about the...