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  1. IceDragon

    Nepenthes robcantleyi and N. truncata comparison

    Nice! Do you have any whole plant shot of them? SG or TC?
  2. IceDragon

    My photo thread.

    Beautiful photos... How large is your neps growing space? Plan to post any pics of the overall set up? =) Also I noticed you mentioned your N. eymae is a male... ever thought about acquiring one of the EP clones, or setting up a flower watch with people who own one? I think both of them are...
  3. IceDragon

    N. Peltata PROBLEMS...

    Looks like a goner... Could you post a pic of your growing area? It sounds like you have them under glass with misting every few hours, do you have air circulation? I would agree your probably rotting out your plants by not letting them dry and perhaps by having poor lighting. Mist only once or...
  4. IceDragon

    Uncommon(ish) Nepenthes for Trade

    ah no..., all gone sorry! looks like my links died too...
  5. IceDragon

    Nepenthes Cutting Medium

    I had pretty good luck rooting cuttings in a jar of water on the windowsill, a plus is that you can check on its progress.
  6. IceDragon

    Uncommon(ish) Nepenthes for Trade

    Alright replied to the people who had questions, for those with offers I'll reply to you guys middlish of next week. Once I review the other offers. Anyone with N. ramispina to spare please please pm me! Thanks!
  7. IceDragon

    Uncommon(ish) Nepenthes for Trade

    Hey guys, I have 3 Nepenthes that I would like to trade out. - Nepenthes hamata, fresh cutting from the shoot that is boxed out in the picture. Established growth point. I'm not entirely sure of the pedigree. I was told by the people at UC Davis that the mother plant was a gift to the...
  8. IceDragon

    Bay Area Sarracenia growers, Help!

    Ah, well it seems like it's on my end then. What do you guys suggest I should do with the ones that are showing some die off? I've been growing these guys for the past 15 years and never really experienced anything like this. What brand of peat are you guys using?
  9. IceDragon

    Bay Area Sarracenia growers, Help!

    Hmm, I'm east of the hills in the valley. I did have a mealy bug infestation that I caught late last year as I was transplanting that severely weakened my flavas. They are the ones I'm most concerned about. I probably should check the water, tho the rest of my CPs indoor are fine with it. The...
  10. IceDragon

    Bay Area Sarracenia growers, Help!

    Hey guys, For those that live in the Bay Area, CA are you having issues with your Sarracenia? This year my sarrs are doing quite bad, poor growth and some rhizome rot. I'm trying to figure out is it because of the funky weather we been having? Lots of hot and cold swings(100s for a couple of...
  11. IceDragon


    It has been 3 years since you last tried it, perhaps it works with your mods now?
  12. IceDragon

    Windowsill neps

    What can grow on your windowsill is highly dependent on your local conditions. I can grow a wide range of highlanders on my windowsill like these: That hamata is throwing out some 6-7inch pitchers now... But I can't grow any lowlanders since it gets too cold. They do GREAT during the...
  13. IceDragon

    Facebook Revolt?

    Switch to Google +, group video chat is pretty legit.
  14. IceDragon

    pictures of S. montana, S. alata 'night', S. psittacina 'Giant' etc.

    Very nice, Tom is at it again trying to breed a darker alata. Was able to nab a "night"x self and a "night"x stone county sibling seedling. Just wondering how do you maintain that dark color, the plants had really nice 7" dark purple pitchers when i got it. The newer ones aren't coloring up...
  15. IceDragon

    iTrader system on this forum?

    Oh =X, I've been a bit MIA since the start of college, now that I am done... back to my hobbies. =) What did they say last time?
  16. IceDragon

    iTrader system on this forum?

    hey guys, I was wondering why don't we have it on this board? I noticed other boards I'm on like plantedtank and dendroboards have it. For those who are not familiar, iTrader is like a feedback/rating system in your profile for transactions with other people. I personally haven't had a bad trade...
  17. IceDragon

    BACPS Annual Show & Sale This Saturday!

    Yah, this year was SUPER crowded, then the last one I've went to like 4 years ago, has it been like that more recently?
  18. IceDragon

    San Ramon, though I spend most of my time now a days in Davis for school. =P

    San Ramon, though I spend most of my time now a days in Davis for school. =P