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    Pitcher of the Month April 2019

    Nepenthes spathulata x edwardsiana
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    Anyone have rajah x veitchii?

    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/fQ9IV53"><a href="//imgur.com/fQ9IV53"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Here's mine. I repotted it when the pitcher was developing, so the next one might be better. Still kinda...
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    Pitcher of the Month December 2018

    Nepenthes veitchii from Christian Klein.
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    Greetings from Norway!

    Nei er det sant?? Jeg var nesten sikker på at jeg var den eneste fra Norge på dette forumet (og eneste som aktivt grodde nepenthes ihvertfall). Prøvde tilogmed å finne noen på hageforum, no such luck. Men, velkommen! Befinner du deg i Oslo?
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    N. Rajah/Rajah hybrids

    Interesting! :0o: Well, better keep our eyes peeled then, I could go for that cross!
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    Uppers and Lowers (Photos?)

    Yes, "Nepy". It doesn't have an upper and lower of everything, but i find it pretty good. I miss a few features and info but it doesn't ruin the app.
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    My neps

    This was my first time. I usually order from cz or roraima with allright results and satisfaction, (alas, the truncata came from a more obscure site; plantae.sk but with great customer service and in a hilarious package). Candmore doubled my order with extras. Great succes!
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    My neps

    Thanks all! Thank you, Flip, I find this one a lot darker than what I've seen from other growers. I do keep it high, close to the light, so maybe that's why. How's your Rajah-hybrids doing? I'm using alot of CFL. My main tank experience 300w, 6500k (if remember correctly) 14-16 hours a day...
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    My neps

    I'm sorry for the incredible bad images, my hobby isn't really photography. I just wanted to post pictures of my neps, instead of always asking everyone to show of theirs, thought i could grab my chance as I was watering. Also, I guess I'll use this thread to update on my plants as well as the...
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    N. copelandii 'Apo' in lowland conditions

    According to michaelkevinsmith.coms altitude chart, it's an intermediate grower. I've had some luck growing intermediate in LL, try it out and give us an update once it pitcher up. Z
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    Highland Nepenthes grown in "Inadequate" conditions.

    I agree. Especially for the slight variations seed grown ones have. I do believe that the BE clones are at least clones of a tough Villosa though. Which brings me back to, if i can get my hands on one, trying one out. But, based on the small piece of evidence this thread has offered, it seems...
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    Highland Nepenthes grown in "Inadequate" conditions.

    Yes, you're probably right. I suspect one of the many reasons we think many, if not all pure nepenthes is quite fragile is because the sale plants are clones of fragile plants. While this isn't true for the whole species, it's true for the clones. - - - Updated - - - That is amazing! Is that...
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    Highland Nepenthes grown in "Inadequate" conditions.

    Hiya! I've been growing this N. Lowii in somewhat inadequate conditions. While the humidity is between 60%-90%, the night temps is somewhere between 60-68 (17-19c) while day temps is somewhere between 75-82 (23-27c). It's been growing quite good up until now. It was about the size of my N...
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    N. Rajah/Rajah hybrids

    Ah, sweet! Have you germinated them yourself? I hope they turn out somewhat like the EPs cross between Truncata and Jacq. Kind of keeping both the parent species intact, and not as weirdly brutal as an N. eymae x jacq. Z
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    Small Pot Issue

    Yeah, nimbulans tips about just potting up is and just tucking som media around worked for me. I do believe i have an Sanguinea bought under the name N. Alata, which is the only nep I've actually done that with. But i potted up not because i thought the roots were root-bound but because it was...
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    N. Rajah/Rajah hybrids

    Oh wow, what size! That's really impressive. I've seen so many neps with a weird pitcher-to-leaf ratio, but yours is really good. No wonder the pitcher was so big. I'm even more amazed that you've manage to get it to this size in just a couple of years. Even with the help of the hybrid vigour...
  19. Z

    Small Pot Issue

    Yeah take a picture of it, It'll be easier to judge. It might not need the repotting, but a change of the media. I always change it, so that I have controll over how old the media is. Generally, with the exception of a few, nepenthes roots are quite small, so usually small containers shouldn't...
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    N. Rajah/Rajah hybrids

    Ah man, even basals. I'm dying to see the whole plant now. May I be so bold as to ask for a picture of the whole plant? For me, the folliage is almost as important as the pitchers, almost. Even after a year, I still am amazed every time i look at the heart shaped leaves of my small n. truncata. Z