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  1. nepenthes369

    certain clones

    I am aware of the other nursery Nepfreak, but thank you. I was just trying to thin down the possible culprits, and zero here has done just that. Cause N. copelandii Mt. Apo is the culprit. Thanks again, Rob
  2. nepenthes369

    certain clones

    I wanted to know if anyone else had bought plants from here in particular these: maxima Celebs striped, alata Sibuyan clone, tomoriana assorted clones, copelandii Mt. Apo, assorted clones and please if you have picture post them here or PM me I'm just trying to ID a plant I got from them. Thank...
  3. nepenthes369

    Nepenthes + Drosera for Trade

    I'm interested in the maxima hybrid, what are you looking for?
  4. nepenthes369

    Pest help needed, tried systemic insecticide.

    I found Neem oil to be very slow if effective at all.
  5. nepenthes369

    N. Miranda

    seedjar: I've got a few more pics of another and some older pics, but no purple leaves, should see how much light they need for the purple. Ant: That rajah is bigger. Funny I do that a lot.
  6. nepenthes369

    N. Miranda

    Zero: This is funny coming from you because I'm always thinking the same about your growing and xvart's as well in particular, I'm envious of the highlanders you can grow and the fact how you guys grow yours (from terrariums, refrigerators, garage, etc.) So the hawaiian climate thanks you very...
  7. nepenthes369

    N. Miranda

    Halt: Yes it is grown outdoors (here in Kailua, Hawai'i) it gets all the elements minus some sun blocked by 40% shade I water it (when needed, winter months are quite wet) from every other day to three to four days until watering again. DrWurm: Thank you!
  8. nepenthes369

    N. Miranda

    Just wanted to share some pics of my most robust (only by one) Miranda and show it's potential. Just love how N. northiana shows through in this hybrid.
  9. nepenthes369

    Some pics from today

    That is a wonderful red on that truncata, may I ask it's origin? Good growing, Rob
  10. nepenthes369

    N. veitchii 'Bareo Highland' - Picture Progression

    May I ask the conditions that it is grown, trying to learn as much as possible to get mine that size and beyond. Rob
  11. nepenthes369

    Salvia Divinorum

    It's an experience all to itself and very different individually (10 min acid trip). I wouldn't put it in a group with marijuana any day, completely different ball park.
  12. nepenthes369

    N. izumiae x trusmadiensis

    How large are those pitchers? only because yours looks a bit older than mine and the rest nepaholic's looks close but quite different. Rob
  13. nepenthes369

    pics for addicts

    To begin moving towards maturity, truncata x stenophylla sibuyanensis x x trumadiensis truncata highland red black dragon veitchii the odd peristome of ventrata mutant new ventricosa red black peristome macfarlanei seedlings That's all for now.
  14. nepenthes369

    N. izumiae x trusmadiensis

    D**n those are nice Killerplants! can't believe the blackness
  15. nepenthes369

    Hunt for the red october

    I'm always looking for seed grown nepenthes species and hybrids so I thought I'd put up an add for things I looking for. Or seed of any of these. N. veitchii nice colored forms N. rafflesiana ' ' N. fusca forms N. mirabilis var. echinostoma red N. northiana N. hurrelliana N. bellii from seed...
  16. nepenthes369

    N. truncata highland

    Where's the grow list?
  17. nepenthes369

    Baby Ed.

    Bravo! Nice to see one in good hands and so happy! Hope to see many more updates of this wonder of the nep world. Rob
  18. nepenthes369

    A few species from my humble abode

    Varun your plants are looking superb! can't believe how fast the bical has grown and your highlanders are looking just as good.
  19. nepenthes369

    My New Baby!!!!!

    Wishing away wishing away...