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  1. Fygee

    The Dionaea Lab

    Really dig the wavy toothed one. Makes it look like some kind of deep sea monster.
  2. Fygee

    VFT With No Dormancy Mentioned on ICPS

    This is something I've been curious about as this past winter was unusually warm, and it didn't seem worth the risk to put my terrarium they reside in outside for it (since Vegas sun usually equals death to any CPs here). Because of this, none of my VFTs were put into dormancy, and they're...
  3. Fygee

    Looking For (To Buy) Drosera Adalae and Cephalotus seeds or plantlets.

    Would like to give these a go for my CP garden. Looked around the internet and retail they're either out of stock or stupid expensive. Thanks!
  4. Fygee

    Growing drosophyllum in Las Vegas.

    Thanks for the info DJ57! I looked around for some places to buy seedlings in peat pots, but alas came up empty. Currently I'm trying to grow some from seed, but the seed I purchased is over a year and a half old (which I didn't know upon ordering) so I'm not too optimistic that they'll...
  5. Fygee

    Growing drosophyllum in Las Vegas.

    It occasionally rains in the winter, though Vegas being Vegas, rain is a rare commoditiy in general. I have some shaded areas with a mister that may be suitable for it (where I'm very stubbornly trying to get avocado trees to grow), at least until its more established. Ideally l'd like to buy...
  6. Fygee

    Give Away Drosera capensis "Bain'sKloof" Seeds

    1) adnedarn 2) Grey Moss - Thanks for the very cool giveaway! 3) Osito - fingers crossed! 4) sharkjaws1234 5) SerMuncherIV 6) Cain - =) 7) Raistlarn - thank you 8) aarolar 9) Dexenthes 10) madrone - thanks for the generous giveaway! 11) pooparella- thank you 12) Flora - Thanks for...
  7. Fygee

    Give Away For Active Members Drosera Giveaway

    D. intermedia 'Cuba 1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. FLTropical 3. Flora 4. katskratch718 -Thanks! 5. jimscott (looking to replace) D. Filiformis 1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. FLTropical 3. Flora 4. katskratch718 - Thanks! 5. jimscott (looking to replace) 6. DragonsEye - have been...
  8. Fygee

    Give Away D. capensis 'wide' AND D. tokaiensis AND Manilkara zapota Seeds

    Checking in. Haven't received a reply for a few days. No rush. :)
  9. Fygee

    For Sale Drosera Binata T-form seeds for sale

    Put me down for 30 seeds.
  10. Fygee

    Drosophylla tolerance of hard water

    Soil in dry, arid areas is naturally high in minerals and salts. I would presume that they wouldn't be affected by hard water.
  11. Fygee

    Growing Nepenthes indoors in Vegas.

    Any recommendations on ones that would be well suited (or at least a bit more tolerant) for our indoor climate, notably ones that can tolerate drier environments than others?
  12. Fygee

    Drosophyllum germination journals:

    I'm going to be giving these a go soon as well. First time, so all of the advice here will be really helpful. Hopefully I can get it mature enough to get it outside and see how it does here in Vegas.
  13. Fygee

    Old timey newbie.

    Been away from here for 13 years. Delighted to see that the ICQ and AIM icons are still there. What a blast from the past. Anyways, decided to get back into CPs after a 10+ year hiatus and cutting my teeth doing a lot of general gardening here in Vegas. Looking forward to picking everyone's...
  14. Fygee

    Growing drosophyllum in Las Vegas.

    After a long hiatus from CP collection and care, I've decided to get back into it. I did a lot of research and across this plant, and its supposed love of dry, hot summers and non-freezing winters. I'm very intrigued about it as it appears to literally be the only CP that has a chance of growing...
  15. Fygee

    Give Away Nepenthes x ventrata giveaway

    1. BeastMaster 2. silent hill 3. Christ.ian3 4. kdlaws - thanks! 5. Gkjr - awesome ty 6. Plant Heathen- thanks much 7.sharkjaws1234 8. woodbridge - thanks for the chance. 9. Fygee - Appreciate the chance and generousity.
  16. Fygee

    Websites to purchase aquarium lighting?

    Would someone be as kind to direct me to a website(s) where I can purchase lighting fixtures that go on top of aquariums, along with plant growing light bulbs to accompany them? The one I have now is mediocre at best, and while my Burkei has flourished like crazy for the past two and a half...
  17. Fygee

    Free n. lowii

    Say hello to online ID theft!
  18. Fygee

    Where does everyone stand in regards to...

    Well, a fair bit of the world's oxygen also comes from microscopic plant life in the oceans, and likely would've sustained the planet for a fair bit with just Noah and his crew. Of course, a flood that huge would've destroyed every land plant, thusly leaving the animals SOL when returning to...
  19. Fygee

    Norton internet security 2005 new

    Well, I work at the Geek Squad at Best Buy, and at least 50% of the computers with NIS installed either give its users constant grief, or cause their internet connection to cut out or not work at all. Its also a giant resource hog. I recommend just purchasing Norton Antivirus '05 and not dealing...