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    Sunshine Mix #4?

    So I got my TDS meter. The local water was just as the water report said. The Sunshine #4 mix measured 112 ppm, and the "plain" peat I bought in bulk measured 640 ppm. Unfortunately I took these readings right before I went to work and didn't have time to transplant my plants back into the...
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    Sunshine Mix #4?

    http://www.sungro.com/images/products/91607106Sunshine%20MIX4%20Myco%20RESILIENCE%20front.jpg I think you were looking at that kind, which isn't the same as the kind I bought. As for watering, I'll get a TDS meter and keep an eye on the water I use as well as the water in the trays.
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    Sunshine Mix #4?

    http://cdn3.volusion.com/wmfby.pgjgu/v/vspfiles/photos/064277074447-2.jpg?1369829045 This is the exact kind.
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    Sunshine Mix #4?

    I went to my local indoor garden shop. You know, the kind where they help you grow "tomatoes" indoors. I told their plant person I'm growing carnivorous plants and he directed me to their Sunshine Mix #4. It says it only contains peat, perlite, and a pH adjuster (to 6.5). Has anyone tried...
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    Nepenthes Paintings

    We promised the photographers that we wouldn't use them commercially, so these treasures are all mine. :)
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    My Biolapse Thread.

    These are fantastic! More please! P.S. That tip about the tap water in the fog is good to know, since that's what I've been using. However, here in Bozeman we're just a little bit over the total dissolved solids threshold where I would probably be okay watering with it, but why take the...
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    Nepenthes Paintings

    The last one for now. Here is the last painting in the series, Nepenthes jacquelineae. I'd like to thank Stewart McPherson for granting permission of the production of this painting based off of one of his photographs. This one started out as my least favorite, but is now my hands down...
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    Nepenthes Paintings

    The dimensions of the N. platychila are about 12"x14", the N. robcantleyi are bout 12"x22".
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    Nepenthes Paintings

    Here is the second painting in the series, Nepenthes robcantleyi. I would once again like to thank Rob Cantley for granting us permission to create the painting.
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    Nepenthes Paintings

    Thank you for all the replies :) My mother doesn't do it professionally, she works in a platinum mine. She has had a painting published in a history book though. The next one should be finished in a few days.
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    Nepenthes Paintings

    Here is the first completed painting of what will be a collection of Nepenthes paintings! This was painted by my mother, and it is of Nepenthes platychila. It was painted from a photograph taken by Ch'ien C. Lee, who graciously granted permission to create the painting. Thanks again! I will...
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    N. platychila.jpg

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    Gemmae Giveaway S.A.S.E.

    D.Roseana/5 available 1.Oregoncp 2.tatorger- great giveaway! 3.theplantman Thanks buddy! 4. krista 5. ego3k 6. SgtSarracenia- Thanks for the opportunity 7. PlantFanatic Thank you D.Enodes Scott River/5 available 1.Oregoncp 2.tatorger 3.theplantman Thanks buddy! 4. krista 5. hcarlton 6. ego3k...
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    Aldrovanda giveaway

    1. Salgadoxx8 2. Lil Stinkpot 3. planturd 1000 thank you's 4. Incognito - Thanks! 5.adnedarn 6.jimscott 7. Pebes thanks! 8. PlantFanatic Thanks!
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    Drosera Gemmae SASE

    1. elgecko 2. theplantman You are AWESOME!! Thanks so much!! 3. pokie22 D. pulchella x omissa 1. KNepenthe 2. Incognito - Thanks! 3. ego3k Thanks! 4. hcarlton 5. afrodisa D. scorpiodes 1. jab91- thank you so much! Wish I had some pygmys to trade 2. Jcal. Thanks. I'll PM you. 3. Divaskid- thank...
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    Nep seed Giveaway for postage.

    Nep. ampullaria seeds 1.SgtSarracenia- thanks for the opportunity 2.Wamdar Thanks 3.divaskid- thanks 4.Captdonaldduc 5.Incognito 6. dueoka Thanks! 7. PlantFanatic Thanks Nep. maxima seeds 1.SgtSarracenia- thanks for the opportunity 2.Wamdar 3.Captdonaldduc 4.Incognito 5.PlantFanatic Thanks!
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    Germination Media

    I can hope can't I? :D