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  1. Victoria

    New collection for an old timer

    I totally agree grey moss! I love all the jaq that comes through in that hybrid!! Thanks adnedarn its good to be back!! I was really excited to see terraforums was still up and goin as well as some familiar members :) Sangricks, back in the day when i originally grew neps a jaquelineae Was one...
  2. Victoria

    Flower power

    Love those D. regia flowers!!
  3. Victoria

    New collection for an old timer

    Got some new goodies �� N. ventricosa “denver” x spectabilis “giant” N. spectabilis x talengensis N. singulana N. spathulata x jaquelineae - - - Updated - - - Hmmm well i have no idea why they are sideways or how to change it so sorry about that.
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  11. Victoria

    Looking For (To Buy) Seeds

    Sorry its taken me so long to respond back...for some reason this site keeps crashing when i open it...its working good today though :) Jimscott i have both of them sprouting now but thank you for letting me know. hcarlton pm sent.
  12. Victoria

    S. Pocahontas glamour shot

    Very nice!
  13. Victoria

    Looking For (To Buy) Seeds

    Looking for Nepenthes and Drosera seeds. Thanks!!
  14. Victoria

    Im back :)

    Yes indeed! No worries ive got my eyes on a few things :)
  15. Victoria

    Don's Nepenthes Thread

    Lookin good!! I like the lowii hidin out in the moss waitin for the ol sneak attack ��.
  16. Victoria

    Pics post!

    Nice lookin garden!! Your strawberries look really happy! We have harvested a few but its been so cool around here that everything is slow. Heck usually my lettuce is ready to bolt by now but this year its barely big enough to harvest yet. Im looking forward to seeing your garden grow.
  17. Victoria

    Pics post!

    Such a nice collection! That eddie and jacqu x eymae are incredible!! What lighting do you use?
  18. Victoria

    Grey Moss Thread

    WOW what a collection!! Excellent growing!
  19. Victoria

    Pics post!

    Nice growing! Love the platychila!
  20. Victoria

    New collection for an old timer

    After about a decade of having to live without CP’s in my life i am back at it with a very small collection. I got most of these within the last month. I have looked through the site a bit and see a few old friends are still around :) N. macfarlanei x ramispina N. Miranda with a basal shoot (i...