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  1. divaskid

    Pitcher of the Month July 2016

    N. truncata x ovata
  2. divaskid

    So I'm On Oahu

    Unfortunately there aren't any cp vendors on oahu. Any of the botanical centers are nice to visit though. If you're wanting to try some good hawaiian food I highly recommend Highway Inn http://www.myhighwayinn.com Also the best thing to do is not spend all your time in waikiki. It's nice but...
  3. divaskid

    Nepenthes tiveyi "Red", rooted cutting.

    Wow that's a beauty!!
  4. divaskid

    Myrmecodia tuberosa eaten :(

    Thanks :) I'll do that
  5. divaskid

    Myrmecodia tuberosa eaten :(

    The stem with the leaves. The caudex was completely eaten by a rat. I'm not 100% sure if the stem with leaves has roots, but I'm guessing that it does. Here's a picture of it now. It's a bit sad looking probably due to the weatger this time of year.
  6. divaskid

    Myrmecodia tuberosa eaten :(

    It's still alive :) It's growing in seedling orchid bark and perlite 1:1. There was peat before but I think it's washed out of the pot now. My sprinklers go off every morning for 15 minutes and it also gets rain as well since its outside. It's grown in about 60% shade. Temps are usually 70-80s...
  7. divaskid

    Anyone going through Final Examinations?

    Just finished my last one today! :)
  8. divaskid

    N. x Lady Pauline cutting giveaway

    1. savagegarden - wow! 2.Garylee123-amazing just amazing thank you so much 3. ps3isawesome, what a beauty, thanks! 4. Ngantnier-thanks for the opportunity! 5. Divaskid - thanks!
  9. divaskid

    Are the white specks on the soil mold? help please!

    Looks like salt or calcium deposites.
  10. divaskid

    Hairs or no hairs?

    Thanks everyone for the input. Love the pics!!
  11. divaskid

    Pitcher of the Month October 2014

    I guess I'll start off this month :) N. (lowii x veitchii)-red x burbidgeae
  12. divaskid

    Drosera filiformis "Florida red" seed giveaway

    1.Jeremy 2.Ps3isawesome thank you so much!!! was wanting some florida red filiformis 3. CarnivoreGirl (thanks so much for doing this!) 4.Radagast - Thanks! 5. jlechtm - Thanks! 6. monkey_Cup _very generous of you, thanks 7. savagegarden - thanks! 8. Divaskid - thanks
  13. divaskid

    Hairs or no hairs?

    You have such amazing plants Red lowii! On your hybrid that sometimes has and sometimes doesn't have lid hairs, are the lids with no hairs completely smooth? I'm asking because under the lid of mine there's this fuzz, you can kind of see them in the pic below (they're white/pale color). My...
  14. divaskid

    Hairs or no hairs?

    Thanks everyone for the input! :) it'll be interesting to see this one mature even if it never does get lid hairs. Anyone else have this hybrid? I'd love to see others.
  15. divaskid

    Hairs or no hairs?

    I'm curious to know if there's a way to tell if a Nepenthes hybrid will get lid hairs or not. I have a N. (lowii x veitchii)-red x burbidgeae and it's put out its first pitcher for me but no lid hairs. Is it possible that it may in the future? Or if it doesn't have them now, I shouldn't hold me...
  16. divaskid

    Sarracenia seed givewaway

    Wohooo! Thank you :)
  17. divaskid

    Link to the daily weather forecast of Sabahs different major mountains

    Here's another one someone posted the other day :) http://www.mountain-forecast.com/subranges/borneo-1/locations