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    Nepenthes is sick and possibly dying.

    Thanks for the tips, I'll try to move it to a better spot and see if that works
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    Nepenthes is sick and possibly dying.

    Sorry for some reason they aren't in order. The first photo with 3 leaves is the most recent one(the leaf in the back is the leaf that got burned by osmocote). The second and last photos are taken on the same day and are the oldest photos, and the third and fourth photos are taken a month after...
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    Nepenthes is sick and possibly dying.

    Hello, about 10 months ago I received a Nepenthes Glandulifera × Talangensis. I set it on a west facing windowsill with a few hours of direct sunlight. Temps are around 80F to 85F (90+ on hot days) with night Temps being 60F to 75F. Humidity is around 50 percent during the day and 70 to 80...
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