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  1. pills23

    Lecanopteris curtisii (ant fern) for N. tenuis?

    Just putting a feeler out there: Anybody interested in trading a rooted Lecanopteris curtisii (ant fern) division for a Nepenthes tenuis? My L. curtisii has been growing vigorously in a sunny south-facing window in NYC, with household humidity, for about 18 months. I've been pleasantly...
  2. pills23

    Where's Tony??

    What terrible news! I can't even imagine what he's feeling right now. I'll be sure to send him a note of support. Sadly, something similar happened to one of Dean Cook's greenhouses earlier this winter. Thanks for the info, Paul.
  3. pills23

    Where's Tony??

    I agree completely, Paul. The reservation page says "Closed for now," which suggests temporary.
  4. pills23

    Where's Tony??

    His site's been updated to say "Closed. Will provide more details later." Hopefully he's ok and this is just temporary. Otherwise we may have a widespread panic state on our hands...
  5. pills23

    Where's Tony??

    I've been wondering the same thing and others have told me they haven't heard from him either, by both email and phone. Hope he's ok.
  6. pills23

    Christmas Heli Giveaway

    1. reg 2. carbonetc 3. theplantman --Thank you!! 4. goods-- Thanks!! 5. Salgadoxx8- thanks alot!! 6. Bonnie, Thanks for letting me play 7. monkey_Cup 8. rob 9. STpaMan --ThankYou! 10. Rookie grower 11. Cichvette 12. Cthulhu138 - And a merry x-mas to you Sir ! 13. Pik - Thanks Butch!* 14...
  7. pills23

    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    Woo! It should be exciting to watch all these different crosses mature.
  8. pills23

    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    1. Lil Stinkpot 2. dueoka - Thanks! 3. Pills23 4. 5.
  9. pills23

    Nepenthes art and the most stylish terrarium ever!

    Wow, there are some amazing pieces here. I especially love the "Water and Bonsai" pieces as well as the staghorn fern piece. Thanks for sharing!
  10. pills23

    Tracking Down Old Cultivars

    If memory serves, Nepenthes 'Sir William Thiselton Dyer' is more commonly called N. x dyeriana today and the parentage is a match - [(northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)]. According to CPPhotoFinder, N. 'F. W. Moore' appears to be another clone from the same grex.
  11. pills23

    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    Giveaway 1: Wolfplant X ventricosa Red pre sorted seed 1. Oregoncp 2. TOG 3. dueoka - thanks! 4.Wesly2010 5.SgtSarracenia 6. Pills23 Giveaway 2: Wolfplant x ventricosa Red 2 pod packets 1. Oregoncp 2. dueoka - thanks! 3.Bflocpfan 4.wesly2010 5.SgtSarracenia 6. Pills23
  12. pills23

    Ventricosa x ovata GIVEAWAY!!

    1. mylesg 2. Heli 3. dueoka 4. Oregoncp Thanks! 5. EntHerptology awesome 6. Captdonaldduc 7. That One Guy ~thanks :-) 8. Favian 9. Pills23
  13. pills23

    Nepenthes Giveaway

    1. incspir --thanks a ton, Mato! 2. East_to_west I was going to buy a tobaica but I think I'll wait Thanks Mat 3. Oregoncp - Ditto! Thanks Mato! 4. mylesg moo! 5. Heli - #1 gangsta 6. Ambanja 7. Bonnie - I want to play too, thanks 8. Eric 9. byuboy29 - Thanks for the shot! 10. Pineapple ~...
  14. pills23

    Wassup from NYC!

    Greetings from Astoria - welcome!
  15. pills23

    Deader than Hell

    Just chiming in to say that I've purchased a plant (hamata) from the same seller you got the spec x aristo and mikei from and it arrived in wonderful condition. Hopefully they'll do the right thing for you.
  16. pills23

    My Mystery Nepenthes

    My first thought was N. ventricosa x aristo
  17. pills23

    For all the knitters out there

    Looks like a challenging project! How are you planning on doing the colorwork? I'd guess you'd need to do a combination of intarsia and stranding. (Also a knitter and on Ravelry with the same screenname. Love that site)
  18. pills23

    Giveaway #3 (for postage) - U. alpina

    Yay - thanks!! Sent you an email.
  19. pills23

    Giveaway #3 (for postage) - U. alpina

    1. The Griffin 2. JB_orchidguy 3. leyiyo 4. mikewilder 5. rball 6. n bicalcarata 7. Astateen 8. Mattb 9. punpkinface 10. Full collapse 11. DefiantNX 12. Mark Wilson 13. afrodisa 14. byuboy29 15. cpbobby 16. Kinjie 17. chch 18. Pearldiver 19. tatorger, thanks for the chance 20. softie57 Thanks...
  20. pills23

    A ton of photos from 2012 ICPS

    Considering the lighting, great photos, Brie! "Shut up and take my money" - HA! I love that Roridula - I remember admiring it at last year's NECPS show. Absolutely gorgeous. I bought some seeds from it, so crossing fingers... BTW, that's my partner and I with our shiny heads in image #15. I...