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  1. Iwest

    Drosera burmannii (Humpty Doo, NT, Australia) seeds (Iwest $24)

    Oops, sorry. Seeds were received. Thanks so much!
  2. Iwest

    Pictures of Southeast Alaska

    What an awesome thread! It must be amazing to experience all of this natural beauty on a daily basis. Especially love the amphibian pics :D
  3. Iwest

    Greetings from Oak-Land!

    The more Bay Area growers the better :D Welcome!
  4. Iwest

    d. 'King Henry' hitch hikers -- ID?

    Yep, those are U. bisquamata!
  5. Iwest

    I bought the seeds from China .... help me ....

    Those "pitcher plant seeds" are 100% NOT Sarracenia seeds, I can guarantee that. They're much too dark and rounded. I dunno what they are, but they're not sarrs.
  6. Iwest

    Drosera lowriei Seed Giveaway !

    Awesome, thanks so much! Just sent you a PM. I can't wait!
  7. Iwest

    Drosera lowriei Seed Giveaway !

    Heck, I'll join! Great giveaway, Cthulu. It's been a couple of years since I've grown tuberous dews, but I have moderate experience with them. Thanks a ton! 1. Iwest :D
  8. Iwest

    Greetings to All from NJ

    Hey, welcome to TerraForums! :D Always nice to see new faces around
  9. Iwest

    Flower Watch 2015!

    Woah, those are some early flowers! Looking great too, that's quite a colony you've got!
  10. Iwest

    chat box spam

    I'm all for being helpful and friendly. I was lucky enough to receive such a welcome on this forum when I first joined, and it's largely why I'm still here today. All I was trying to say is that most members do things other than grow CPs. They have plenty of interests, and should be able to talk...