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    Im MrsBugWeed

    TY Andrew..... i will give it a try.... mrweed is a little down rite now but he appreciates the prompt reply... Lynn aka mrsbugweed
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    Im MrsBugWeed

    Hi everybody, here I am on Bug's membership account, as he will no longer be able to use his computer..... let just say it had a major meltdown and well "he doesnt want to talk about it :0o: .... so sad. So until i get an email with a code so i can chat with u in his stead, i thought i would at...
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    "What I'd Like" forum

    GREAT!! JimScott thinking only of his stomach!!!!! Jim, get the planes!!!!!
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    Curse this blasted addiction of mine!!!!

    You know you are addicted to CP when you come up with games for social occasions like "Spin the Psittacina" and "Pin the fly on the flava." And no, Clint! YOU'RE BUSTED!!!!!!!!!
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    Curse this blasted addiction of mine!!!!

    You know you're addicted when you roll and smoke your S. flava. You know your addicted when you top all your baking with coinine nectar. You know your addicted when you take confession with an S. minor because it looks like a friar with a hood on. You know your addicted when you would...
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    Rare cultivars

    Mike King was kind enough to send me S. X Diane Whitaker. I think it is a beautiful clone. You don't hear much about it these days.
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    Proper spelling of Sarracenia Pitcher plant names.

    This is the revised list. Use it as you need it. It will be locked, no replies necessary. PM me if you have questions.
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    Dang cats!

    He already knocked the pot over twice before, and I thought it had to be raccoons, but they would have done more damage. When I caught the little creep creeping among the tubs trying to keep his feet dry, I knew then the raccoons could not climb up on the tables. I put the fear of madmen into...
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    "What I'd Like" forum

    WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? NO ONE has a warplane to trade for a D. capensis?? I am astonished!!!!!
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    Dang cats!

    Ahh! Life is grand! Except for feral cats. They have invaded the neighborhood, and love to drink the water out of the sarracenia tubs. I caught one at it just this morning. Knocked over a VFT pot in its water tray while trying to get away from a shouting MADMAN!! The madman looked a lot like...
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    This Months Questions

    I only want to cover one question. Capensis flowering. There IS a way to stop it from flowering. Put it outside, full sun under hot conditions, no water, and allow it to dry out completely. After it is shriveled up, dry as a bone, and totally dead, it will never flower again. Otherwise, cut them...
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    frees seeds???

    Asking and begging are two different things, Pluto. That IS what this forum is about. We help each other out here when we can.
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    Sarracenia seedlings ID

    Good! Like I tell one and all, if you cannot be patient in this hobby, find something else! CP can make you wait for what seems like forever, but the end results are usually worth it. Try using the 24/7 growing system. There is a sticky in the pitcher plant forum covering year round growing of...
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    "What I'd Like" forum

    Then you should have asked for what you might have been able to get, like, an F4-U Corsair, or a Gruman F6F Hellcat, A Mig-15 or 17. an F-22 Raptor, SOMETHING tangible! But NO! You ask for plants.
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    "What I'd Like" forum

    I'd like a P-51 D Mustang warplane with all the trimmings. Working .50 caliber machine guns, and all the free gas it could eat! NEXT!!!!!!!!
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    Hi from Julie in the U.K.

    YAY!!!!! Another member!!!! Glad to have you here, Julie! I wish Mike King would visit more often, too! See if you can prod that chap!
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    Sarracenia seedlings ID

    At that small undeveloped size, they could be anything. Maybe by the end of this growing season, or the next, the traits you need to to I.D. them will start to show. Right now, my oreophila seedlings, and my rubra seedlings, as well as the flava seedlings, look very much the same.
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    What food is best for VFTs?

    VFT's are partial to Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburgers, Curly fries, and a HUGE Chocolate Milkshake. Give them that, and they are done for the rest of the year. Maybe, for the rest of VFT eternity!
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    Can you over water VFTs?

    If you are using a computer, you can always google Aphids, and get a good look. It gets monotonous answering some questions you can easily look up. I think Ziggy's name will be, The guy with a thousand questions! LOL!!!!