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  1. amphirion

    amphirion's picture thread...

  2. amphirion

    amphirion's picture thread...

    Looking at the beginning of this thread was like a blast into the past 😭
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  4. amphirion

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    It was nice meeting you all!
  5. amphirion


    Welcome back! I’ve been starting to revisit the forum as well
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  7. amphirion

    Hi, it’s been a hot minute… still growing a few things here and there.

    Hi Camden, I actually don’t have villosa. The toothy plant there is actually edwardsiana. I have no experience with villosa but have heard it has a harsh reputation of being difficult, especially as the plant matures, requiring stricter temperatures for success long term.
  8. amphirion

    Hi, it’s been a hot minute… still growing a few things here and there.

    Thanks! It took a while to get there but now it’s sending out flowers in full force every season. Here was last years: Some other plants: Undulatifolia Hamata
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  12. amphirion

    Hi, it’s been a hot minute… still growing a few things here and there.

    A quick shot of Utricularia alpina and Nepenthes ramispina
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  14. amphirion

    What plant is bigger?

    The order you put them in
  15. amphirion

    Hort. Nepenthes ventricosa var alba

    First time making Nep seed, not sure if it took so I’d appreciate feedback if you’ve walked down this road already. Do the pods look viable? Super excited about this cross and the implications for US growers. Female Male 1 Male 2
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