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  1. Capslock

    Capslock's pic thread

    Hi all, I guess I'll make a permanent pic thread too! First of all, my outdoor plants made it through another winter! The N.xPredator took the most damage, and I had to move the N. thorelii x aristo indoors due to cold damage. The rest cruised through: Here's N. platychila x veitchii. I...
  2. Capslock

    Things are starting to come back

    Wireman - I've had that vent x aristo for many years. It has lived outdoors on my deck year round for about six years I'd guess. It is completely impervious to cold, and has been through many light freezes. It's interesting to see how seasonal it is - I get flowers at the same time every year...
  3. Capslock

    Things are starting to come back

    Finally things are picking up in the grow room. No sign of returning pests so hopefully it will be a good summer. This is N. xTiveyi. Healthy uppers forming and a nice basal: I have a couple N. platychila uppers right now: I had to spin this one around: Love, love, love N. Dyeriana for...
  4. Capslock

    First pic thread in forever

    Hey! So, I'm just recovering from a year-long, near catastrophic bout with pests of various sorts, from that Hawaiin white scale to thrips to munching caterpillar things, and so on. I attribute it to the long-term use of fertilizers with indoor tray-based growing and hand watering, but that's...
  5. Capslock


    The revolution in Iran was much different. It was much more "religious" than the Eqypt revolution, which was secular, and involved all kinds of different groups united in frustration at their corrupt government and enduring poverty. It is also very much an "internet" revolution - made possible...
  6. Capslock

    Some random neps and nice hybrids

    Let's start with some unusual hybrids. N. eyvelospama (N. (eymae x veitchii) x (lowii x (spathulata x maxima)). The peristome starts out a little stripey but quickly gets this solid bronze color. The next leaf and tendril are MUCH bigger so I'm looking forward to a big next pitcher. Here's...
  7. Capslock

    Nepenthes robcantleyi (formerly known as Black Truncata)

    From yesterday. This plant is going to be so fun to watch grow up - it seems like there are a lot of siblings out there, and they clearly grow well.
  8. Capslock

    growing in long-fibered sphagnum moss

    That would work better than pure lfs, and would be fine for now.
  9. Capslock

    growing in long-fibered sphagnum moss

    Use half sphagnum and half chunky bits like perlite, pumice, charcoal, or even orchid bark or coco chips.
  10. Capslock

    n. peter d amato

    Let 'em grow! Keep it bushy, or you'll just have a sparse, woody stem down there. Anyway, I have both the PDA and the Atlanta Giant clone, as well as another sibling which is male. In all three of them, they get greener pitchers as they make uppers, and the lower pitchers are redder. And I...
  11. Capslock

    Candy Striped veitchii Bario Highland seedlings update

    Wow, yours are WAY ahead of mine. I have a lot of them, but they are still tiny. I was a little late to the seed party, though, and am somewhat surprised to have gotten the germination that I did considering the seed age.
  12. Capslock

    truncata x xTrusmadiensis variation?

    I got a flat wide peristome. :)
  13. Capslock

    Some exciting news...

    Mine are further behind than these, but I'd estimate I have about 40 seedlings of both the green and candy-striped Veitchiis. I got the seeds late in the various exchanges, but still had good germination.
  14. Capslock

    Some September Nepenthes

    Good job with the tentaculatas. Those aren't the easiest plants in the world!
  15. Capslock

    borneo sunset babies

    Yeah that's a keeper. I'm going to have to keep my eyes out for one of those. Good growing!
  16. Capslock

    Pics pics pics!

    Here we go! In no particular order.. One of the good ones, N. spectabilis x veitchii: A similar robust hybrid, N. veitchii x boschiana: I just repotted this and have high hopes, N. izumae x TM: The next pitcher will be the real deal, but here is an almost-upper N. vogelii: A promising...
  17. Capslock

    Need A little help

    Tamlin, It's great to see you back at it! I hope you are feeling better these days and are able to continue growing. Alas, I have only nepenthes these days, though I could scare up some drosophylum seed from my constantly-flowering deck resident if you were interested. :) I would happily give...
  18. Capslock

    Official "Help Wolfn Pick Out a Car to Buy" thread

    Looks awesome! Except there's some weird P-R-N-D thing where your stick shift ought to be! :p