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  1. obregon562

    Bluish-black Bug ID

    they probably can sting you, but i doubt you would either feel it or if it would hurt very much. No clue though. It is very awsome indeed, you start realizing how everything and everything is interconnected, and it is amazing. :)
  2. obregon562

    Bluish-black Bug ID

    they eat spiders and caterpillars, depending on the species. I recently found a fallen nest full of larvae and paralyzed--but still alive--spiders for the larvaes food. nomnomnom. Very cool bugs.
  3. obregon562

    No public health care = no change

    has anybody seen coverage of the 450,00 that showed up for the free health clinic held in LA last week? They literaly were oveflowed with humans needing medical attention ranging from cavities to terminal cancer. The GOP totaly ****ed over America with this one. People are in dire need of just...
  4. obregon562

    Lucky me!!

    i hate to be a downer, but it could also be an offshoot of your other plants. But i doubt it. Congrats. :)
  5. obregon562

    What Bug is This?

    when it doubt, smoosh the crap outta any and every insect. Theres more, trust me. :)
  6. obregon562

    What Bug is This?

    its some type of weevil. Kill it. ;)
  7. obregon562

    Feeding Frenzy - Macro Pics

    im a strong believer in bugs=better growing CP. Its kinda like, sure we could survive off pop tarts, but would you prefer meats, grains, veggies and fruits? I think the bugs also possess many micro nutrients and other "good stuff" plants love. Great pics man. :)
  8. obregon562

    Hello grasshopper! meet Mr. nepenthes

    my grasshoppers are frickin 4" and eat my 1" neps! they see these pics and seek out revenge! thanks for nothing! :D
  9. obregon562

    7th Annual NECPS show coming up!

    i say "buh-cups", "la (as in la la la) cups" and "neck-ups" lol. :) For some reason the NECPS just seems to work better. Im very sad about that. We need a revolution out here!:rant:
  10. obregon562

    District 9 was awesome! 5 swords!

    you guys just convinced me to give them $11 more or whatever it costs. ;)
  11. obregon562

    Robotic flytrap

    that poor robot was dropped on its circuit board when it was a little calculator...poor thing. :(
  12. obregon562

    Taking Requests

    I would like N. hurrelliana. All the best parts of N. fusca, maxima, and veitchii. Yes sir! Thanks Clue! :)
  13. obregon562

    Drosera Fantasy part 2

    yiu should be selling these things man. Incredible.
  14. obregon562

    Sketches and Guesses

    I want an N. mollis! ah HAH! :p How about some of the classics, N. veitchii, maxima, fusca, bicalcarata, ampullaria, rajah, etc... Your drawings are stunning Clue, BTW. How much ya chargin now a days? ;) Id gladly shell out some dinero for a nice veitchii, rajah, or something else. :)
  15. obregon562

    some pics from my new camera

    my friend has cats that fetch, roll over, etc...90% of cats suck though. I 2nd ant. :)That "Starry Night" sure is a beaut!
  16. obregon562

    CPs in the news

    colieo, a mod ive never seen before! Hello! :)
  17. obregon562

    Nepenthes singalana

    if you want a "cooler" beginner plant get some wicked hybrids! or a big/colorful from of Nepenthes maxima, Nepenthes alata, or a dark from of a Nepenthes sanguinea. Most LLs are easy if they are kept hot...
  18. obregon562

    Sketches and Guesses

    1. pervellei 2. chainiana 3. clipeata 4. bokorensis
  19. obregon562

    full black Moscow guppies

    i need to get some guppies back im my house. I did like mktamin, it was like a real life game of darwinian evolution. Maybe ill do that soon haha...
  20. obregon562

    Here they come (PGA Fans) - take cover!

    el tigre is el win. :D I love watching that guy. He first played golf right across from my house (heartwell golf course)...