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  1. italo.america

    Holland Red, B52, Green Dragon and ARPC

    These are some pictures that I took over the week. This is Holland Red with a typical. Both plants were planted at the same time and same growing conditions. Interesting how the typical is much larger and flowering. Holland Red again. Baby B52. I'm hoping for 2 inch traps. Green...
  2. italo.america

    Dionaea Wacky Traps

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking to trade for Wacky Traps. Please look at my grow list and let me know if I have any Dionaea that you are interested in? Giovanni
  3. italo.america

    Results of Water Testing

    Hi Everyone, I just ran a test of my water and these are the results. Tap Water: 153 PPM Chlorine Free Water from RO unit: 134 PPM Reverse Osmosis Water from RO unit: 20 PPM Rain Water: 11 PPM My questions for the forum is? With these results is it ok to use Chlorine Free water for my CPs or...
  4. italo.america

    Water Tester

    Hi Everyone, Due to the lack of rain, I've hooked up my Reverse Osmosis Unit. I want to check the quality of water that it is putting out and was going to purchase a water tester that measures ppm. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as what type of water testers are the best? Thank...
  5. italo.america

    Increasing Humidity

    Now that Spring is here I intend to leave my VFTS outside during the day. Currently, I'm placing them next to a fountain in my yard full of rocks. My VFTS are right above the water full of rocks and not touching anything. My questions is, is this a good idea for increasing humidity outside and...
  6. italo.america

    Growing Venus Flytrap Cultivors

    Okay, Okay, I know, a lot depend on growing conditions! This is just my humble opinion based on the Cultivor's that I own. Easy to Grow: Dutch Dente Vigourous Fang Medium: Typical Big Mouth Royal Red Cross Teeth Hard To Grow Red Dragon Pink
  7. italo.america

    Venus Flytrap Vigorous and Big Vigorous

    Hi, What is the difference between "Vigorous" and "Big Vigorous"? Thank you!
  8. italo.america

    Giovanni's Grow List

    Dionaea Muscipula: Dionaea Muscipula: ARPC B52, Baby Traps Big Mouth Big Teeth Red Giant Big Vigorous Burbank's Best, Clayton's Red Sunset, Crested Petioles Cross Teeth Cupped Trap Czech Giant Dente Dutch Dutch Delight Fang Fast Fine Tooth x red Fused Tooth G3 x G14 G16,(Slacks' Giant) Giant...
  9. italo.america

    Growing Medium

    Ciao Everyone, I'm using a new growing medium of 50% Peat Moss,25% Perlite, 13% Silica sand and 12% Charcoal. Please let me know what you think. This is my grow list if anybody wants to trade and thank you in advance for any useful information! Giovanni VFT: Typical, Royal Red, Big Mouth...