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    Nepenthes seed giveaway

    This offer is now closed. No PM with address from Swagalotus, so can't mail seeds. Sorry. The seeds have been mailed, so you should get your seeds in 3-4 days.
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    Nepenthes seed giveaway

    Father, N. thorelii x aristolochoides: Mother, N. Splendiana x Rokko (the mother pitcher is actually about twice as large as the father pitcher):
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    Nepenthes seed giveaway

    Add your name to the list if you're interested in growing N. (thorelii x aristolochioides) X (Splendiana x Rokko) seeds, which were harvested 2 hours ago. There are 12 packets, with 75-100 seeds in each packet, which will be sent to the first 12 people who sign up. After you sign up, PM me...
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    Huntington Desert Garden

    Here's a slideshow of the Desert Garden at The Huntington in Pasadena, California, which I visited recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec8n-Zols9U
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    Bought a house! Inherited Apple and plum trees

    Sit under the apple trees with a bottle of wine when the blossoms fall and be happy you're alive. An impromptu dance to glorify nature would be appropriate.
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    A. titanum blooms

    Another one will bloom at Foster Gardens tomorrow or the next day.
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    Cactus garden

    at Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jk1492/sets/72157634975841583/
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    Some orchid I've had for a while.

    Looks to me like a dendrobium, which grows well in a lot of light.
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    Happy Birthday Tamlin!

    Tamlin, I hope this birthday finds you well. Your expertise and generosity will long be remembered.
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    Greetings from China

    Welcome to the forum! I wonder what kinds of carnivorous plants are available for sale in China or around where you live. Where do you live, anyway? Are there carnivorous plants growing nearby? Also, do you know other people in your area who are interested in carnivorous plants? Is there a...
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    Nepenthes seeds for trade

    hcarlton, I received PMs from everyone on the list except you. I don't know what happened to yours. There's still one seed packet left, so please PM me with your mailing address.
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    Nepenthes seeds for trade

    1. hcarlton 2. dionae 3. Jcal 4. dueoka 5.richjam1986 THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED.
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    Nepenthes seeds for trade

    THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED. This offer is limited to the USA only due to international mail limitations and time considerations. I’d like to trade seeds of N. truncata x Mixta for seeds of any carnivorous plant (not just Nepenthes) that will grow in tropical or subtropical conditions. Instead...
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    A. titanum blooms

    Unfortunately, it's already collapsing.
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    A. titanum blooms

    Amorphophallus titanum that I won in a TerraForums auction about 8 years ago and donated to Foster Gardens in Honolulu bloomed a few days ago: A. titanum @ Foster Gardens by While I was there, I took photos of some other plants: @ Foster Gardens by @ Foster Gardens by @ Foster...
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    Orchids that can be grown in lowlands

    Dendrobiums should grow in bright light, and phalaenopsis in shade. For temps and other info about orchid species, you can start here: http://www.orchidspecies.com/index.htm.
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    Happy Birthday Tamlin!

    Miss you on the forum. Hope you're doing well and your other interests are taking you away.
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    voodoolizard, first unknown might be Bc. Maikai 'Mayumi'.
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    Puya berteroniana

    If anyone on the list has sent me an SASE but has not received the seeds yet, please notify me. My mail may not be working too well.