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  1. bluemax

    Utricularia cornigera flowering

    Very nice!
  2. bluemax

    Distance from Grow Lights?

    Actually, the way you phrased it that sounds like an advanced question to me. My opinion is that this is a matter of your preference. You are growing in the in-between where the plants are healthy but might do better to one side or the other. As an example - Drosera adelae can be grown in...
  3. bluemax

    Chat box!

    I admit to liking it as it was in the old software. Having the chat box be the first thing I see just feels right to me, but I am used to it.
  4. bluemax

    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    'Looks great, Andrew! It really makes me want to try growing Nepenthes from my ceiling.
  5. bluemax

    "new" guy?

    Welcome back, Technoracer! I remember you. Those sound like good plants to relight the fire.
  6. bluemax

    old Utricularia seeds

    I have wondered about old seeds in the refrigerator and whether they can still be sprouted. I can see that the current germination rate is probably not as high as one would get with fresh seeds but it is impressive knowing that they are 20 years old!
  7. bluemax

    Cephs in CO

    Those are nice photos.
  8. bluemax

    " Pinguicula "emarginata Max"

    I am still waiting for flowers but those should help. P. 'Titan' is a good guess as a potential parent and I do see the similarity. I am going on the theory that it is a hybrid, but that is just a guess.
  9. bluemax

    " Pinguicula "emarginata Max"

    I"ve been amazed at the beauty and vigor of this plant but I haven't been able to find anyone who can shed light on its origins. It looks to me, and some others, to be a hybrid of some sort. Anyone know what it is or where it came from? I am wanting to register it but I would like to know what I...
  10. "Max"P4169854.JPG


  11. bluemax

    Greetings from Melbourne!

    :welcome: Welcome, Darby. That looks like a sweet growing area and a nice plant. 'Hope you enjoy yourself here!
  12. bluemax

    Hello from Portand!

    Hi, PhilM and :welcome: to TF. I'm in the Portland area as well. All sorts of amazing info available here at TF. 'Hope you enjoy.
  13. bluemax

    Hello from central Alabama

    :welcome: You certainly live in a good location for outdoor growing. But the first plant can bring all sorts of revelations and many of us have started our collections by growing indoors. We've got all sorts of great info and people here - I hope you enjoy yourself.
  14. bluemax

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon!

    Welcome to Terra Forums, Hollye - :welcome: I'm in the Portland, OR area as well, being in Vancouver, WA. It would be fun to have you at one of our local cp grower's meetings if the pandemic will ever let us resume those.
  15. bluemax

    New TerraForums style/look!

    Wow! That's a pretty big shift. So far, so good though. I do like the darker theme. I also like the auction countdown clock!
  16. bluemax

    What item(s) do you expect to donate to the auction?

    To give folks a kind of preview of the upcoming NASC benefit auction here at Terra Forums here is a thread where you can let us all know what you expect to donate for bid this year. I'll start. I expect to have a tuber, or more, of Drosera squamosa and a plant of the amazing Pinguicula "Max".
  17. P1109762.v01.jpg


  18. P3029837.JPG


  19. bluemax

    Utricularia Photosynthetic Pathways

    Nicely presented! Those are some cool photos and they illustrate the idea of open and closed stomata very nicely.