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    Indoor Growing!

    well u said u were gonna grow them using hydroponics!
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    I hope this never happens to you

    i found out it was a guy whipper snipping and i saw some kids poking around with my plant last night and spitting on it!!!!!!!!sorry to trouble you guys with this....
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    I hope this never happens to you

    My beautiful vft has been wrecked-some of it's leaves have been completly ripped out while others are all bent at un natural angles while some are just leaves with the trap half ripped off and all the off shoots are gone,..................MY VFT GOT RUN OVER BY A MOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i...
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    *sigh*ur only proving ur own ignorance........
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    *sigh*ur only proving ur own ignorance........
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    D. adelae Basics

    IS the humidity really that important?
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    Care of different Species

    There is no such thing as more than one species of venus flytrap they are all the same species just different varieties...
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    Care of different Species

    There is no such thing as more than one species of venus flytrap they are all the same species just different varieties...
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    Just an experiment

    Surprisingly i noticed a white fungus growing in one of my flytraps traps so i decided to feed it and see if it would digest the fungus and the bug,so i have now fed it and am waiting to see if the fungus has gone once it opens.....
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    by low temps u mean what? 21 degrees celcius?
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    I was wondering about sarras dormancy conditions,i mean do they need cold weather or just a reduced amount of water and light?All it said in my cp book regarding sarras dormancy is to only water them once a week during winter.............i am confused.
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    A natural death...

    But they must naturally die at some point....and i just happen to grow my plant outdoors in totaly exposure to the elements because it will be very hardy that way and it will multiply through it's natural form of rhizome division every year as opposed to plants grown inside which won't live as...
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    LOL i had some type of pest on mine but the heat of leaving my plant in 40 degree celcius heat for two weeks killed em!!!!!!!!!hehehehe i know it was a bit hot and my plant was starting to show the sighns so i moved it to a better position where it gets less heat....what i don't understand is...
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    Just because a flytrap flowers doesn't mean it is neciserraly healthy or does it?
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    A natural death...

    How do you know if your flytrap is naturally dieing?(lets assume you'v had it for a bit)....
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    Artifical lighting

    Ok it's just too hot here-and it's raining and the plant hasn't had sun for 4 days so i am thinking about growing my plant under artifical light in my dormitory. Please what is the best type of light-no brand names or anything please because it is most probable that i do not live in the same...
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    My flytrap is dieing!!

    HEY I AM LIVING IN TOWNSVILLE AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CAN'T BELEIVE IT!!!!!!!!!please talk to me!!!!!!!!
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    Organic fungicide

    Whats with you guys and the fetish for making cp recipies? LOL i can just imagine it....i just hope i used fetish in that sentence correctly...
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    Organic fungicide

    I read somewhere on the net that cinnamon was a good organic fungicide,and to just spread a little over my plant by flicking it with a brush....well seeming i am putting my plant in the fridge in it's pot for dormancy this year i was contemplating a more natural fungicide rather than toxic...