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    New to nepenthes

    Can anyone help me identify this plant I just purchased? What care does it need. Thanks so much.
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    New to Terraforums

    I have been collecting and growing carnivorous plants for 10 years. Have the usual fllytraps, pitchers and sundews. I'm in Ohio but if the Zika virus get here my flytraps and I are ready!!!
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    fly traps and Ohio winters

    I know vft's can not be left out in freezing weather. My problem is I have no place to put them in the winter where they would get the temp and light needed to hibernate. My basement is heated at about 65 degrees even on the window sill. I did the refrigerator method last year and they survived...
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    Frig hybernation preperation question

    About to bare root my vft and pitcher plant for storage in the fridge for the winter. I need opinions on whether to just trim dead parts off plants before spraying with fungicide or cut the whole top off the plants. Since they will be "asleep" with no light, will the green parts just encourage...
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    hydrofarm 125 or 200 watt light?

    Going to use a 12"x26" shelf for vft and sundews. Have been considering hydrofarm 125w or 200w cfl fixture. Is 200 watts for a shelf this size overkill or will I be sorry if I go with the smaller wattage????
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    Hi everyone from Lhio

    New to the hobby. What are some good cp's for beginners? What can be kept outside a greenhouse environment? I will keep some indoors under lights and some out on my deck. Thanks for any input:-))