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    D. anglica

    Hey all, I thought I'd post a few pics of my D. anglica CA x HI. It's been growing nonstop even after the D. obovata next to it went dormant. The plants are sitting in a few inches of water, almost touching the bulbs of the flourescent light fixture. D. obovata from Crater Lake, OR Peter
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    Pinguicula stereogram!

    I got inspired by xscd's cephalotus stereogram, so here's my P. 'Sethos', grown outside in a pvc/plastic sheeting mini greenhouse. I got best results looking at the picture from about three feet away. Enjoy! Peter
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    Root hairs on P. 'Sethos'

    Maybe I'm the last one to notice this, but when I pulled up a particulartly healthy P. 'Sethos' for cuttings the other day, I was surprised to find robust roots complete with root hairs. Up till now I've only seen the wiry anchor roots on mexican Pinguicula. I wonder if this means the plant...
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    New tarantula tank

    My A. avicularia recently moulted and outgrew its old container, so I built a new terrarium for it. And what better way to decorate it and keep up the humidity than by planting tropical plants. The N. sanguinea is sitting above a small rubbermaid container with drainage holes about 1" above the...
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    Little Shop of Horrors

    The 1959 Robert Corman Little Shop of Horrors on DVD. This cult classic has high entertainment value and makes a great gift for the CP addict in your life. Bidding starts at $1, I pay shipping.
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    Finding Neverland Autograph

    Finding Neverland soundtrack, signed by composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. For those of you who haven't heard it, this is a beautiful soundtrack, and this one comes with an autograph. Bidding starts at $5, I pay shipping.
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    D. 'Ivan's Paddle'

    I'm offering several (~3) plantlets of D. 'Ivan's Paddle' with 1" leaves. The mature plant looks like this: Starting bid $3, I pay US shipping. Peter
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    My indoor setup

    I'm pretty happy with the plant's I've got inside under lights, so figured I'd snap some pics. These are all in a deep black plastic tray from home depot. The plants in the foreground are deli cups with sphagnum and Drosera. This is a five gallon tank layed on its side. The screen lid, which...
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    Papermaking Kit

    I'm finally bidding goodbye to the papermaking supplies of my youth. Up for grabs is a kit including: 1x mould & deckle, 8 1/2" x 11" 12x heavy duty wool/polyester felts 1x ~1/2 lb. abaca linter (pre-beaten fiber in dried sheet form) 1x "Grow Your Own Paper" by Maureen Richardson, like new...
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    The Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society is meeting this Saturday April 15 at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce. Doors open at 11:00. We will have a group discussion on CP books and publications. Please bring in your cp literature and your plants to show (or sell). Don Elkins is planning to...
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    P. 'John Rizzi' F2 in habitat

    I was walking through my backyard the other day when I saw a spot of pink. On further examination, I found a small colony of P. 'John Rizzi' F2. The plants appear healthy and several are blooming. Habitat and the plants themselves Actually these plants were left over from a sale in...
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    Secure Rural Schools Land Sales Initiative

    Hi all, For those of you who don't know, our President put something in our 2007 budget that would have the U.S. Forest Service to sell off over 300,000 acres of land throughout the country to help fund rural schools for 5 years. Now I've got nothing against raising funds for rural schools, but...
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    Los Angeles CPS meeting

    I suppose it's kinda late to be announcing, but anyways, the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society is meeting this Saturday (the 18th) at 11:00. Bring plants for show or sale and money to spend, or just come and hang. Here are driving directions. Hope to see y'all there! Peter
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    P. gigantea & 'aptrodite'

    These two pings were both kind enough to flower P. 'Aphrodite' P. gigantea The mainenance worker having lunch And while I'm at it, my A. avicularia molted today in his water dish. Peter
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    Wanted: Fruit Flies

    Hi, I'm looking for wingless fruit flies as feeding material. Please PM me and we can work out a trade. Thanks, Peter
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    Just a few pics

    I figured I post once here instead of separately in two forums. Byblis, Drosera sp., and a Pinguicula that caught a full-on housefly. Enjoy! Peter
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    D. oblanceolata

    I don't have a lot of experience growing dews, so bear with me if this happens to everyone. As you can see in picture, one plant grows normally while the other plant has all its tenticles tucked in. Anyone know what's causing this? Thanks, Peter
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    A trip to forbes'

    The title says it all. Enjoy! Drosophyllum
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    Spring is here

    Well, this year I decided to let my aquatic utricularia overwinter in their ponds instead of removing and babying the turions. So I looked at one of the ponds the other day, and see U. macrorhiza (Plumas Co., CA) already growing. The funny thing is that they actually anchored themselves in the...
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    Pinguicula on...

    I don't know if anybody else here has had trouble with Pinguicula propagation on the standard peat/perlite mix, but I have. For one, it seems the plants never develop large root systems on peat, but I have also found that cuttings often rot before growing up, or else they quit growing once they...