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    Crash! crash! hire!

    Well I crashed the van! I took a turn too quick and fell into a ditch. The van was totaled,engine went on fire. Now I`m afraid to drive . And besides I wouldn`t since our other vehicle has a stick shift,wich I figure it`s hard enough to drive WITHOUT haveing to have the added woryy of haveing...
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    I got my driver permit!

    Hi,all. I got my driver permit last week! It took me 5 trys but I finnally got it! I`ve been haveing alot of fun driveing around town-to the base. It is a little nerve racking though(especially for the cars\semi-trucks around me I`m sure). I also passed the hunter education course so that I...
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    Update on me.

    Hey,sorry I haven`t been on lately. The conection on the comp is very unreliable (Hardly ever connects). Well I`m not doing to well lately:( I still eat but during the day I`m in alot of pain,and at night it`s agonizing. And the doctors won`t do anything about it anymore! They acnowledge I`m...
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    I can eat!

    Well I`m back,my mom banned me from the computer for a while. As for my condition I can now eat food! IO have to keep the fat down and I can`t eat fruits and veggies(too hard to digest) but at least I can eat. I still have chronic(pancreaticish) pain that they aren`t treating as well. I...
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    Looking for orchids

    My Webpage I`d like to try an orchid or two.
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    Heres my growlist with ones I have for trade of cuttings or plants noted with a with a * Ok Here I go. Pings: P.'john rizzi'(tiny little slow growing thing)-Jim Strauss P.agnata x potosiensis(what a monster!)-Jim Strauss P.agnata x moranensis(comeing along there)-Jim Strauss VFTs: 'clumping...
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    Looking for neps.

    Hi! I`m looking for neps other then the following. ventrata-Allandallas ventricosa "green"-Allandallas ventricosa "red" x "green"(seedlings)-Steve ventricosa "typical"*-pft rafflesiana-pft clone rafflessiana-Allandallas clone* sanguinea-pft clone* emmerane-David Schloat Holand...
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    N.fusca sarawak form.

    Heres a pic of my N.fusca sarawak form taken today:)
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    Another crash....dang cat!

    Mabel decided to jump on top of my S.oreophilla and S.purpurea ssp. venosa pots! The venosa just got it`s pitchers emptyed...no big deal. But the oreo wich had 1 pitcher from each of the 3 growth points wasn`t so lucky,the 2 large ones lost the top halfs of there pitchers:( so now there is only...
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    Squished and the pot fell into the fertilizecrash!

    Hi, Just a few minutes ago I was getting fertilizer ready for my moms Ficus elastica 'black prince'. And then the door on my closet fell and hit my mexican pings and Neps! My P.ehlersae was tottally ruined and fell into my fertilizer container! So I can`t even reuse the soil:( The P.moranensis x...
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    D.spatulata seed sarr\utrics\genlisea\ trade\sase

    Hi,I have 5 packets of D.spatulata for sase. I also have for trade: U.subulata U.microcalyx U.livida U.praelonga U.sandersonii "blue" U.inflata Dionea muscipula 'clumping' D.capensis "wide leaf(cuttings) D.tokaiensis D.spatulata(plants) D.adelae(leaf cuttings) S.rubra ssp.gulfensis(1 1\2 year...
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    Sarr rotting!

    Hi, my S. "Rose Witt" is rotting away! It`s started on the growth point so I removed the mushy part. It still has a couple of pitchers and a little bit of rhizome left. Unfortunately I have no access to fungacides(and not enough money to buy some). Any input would be VERY apreciated as this...
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    Why won`t my growlist show up?

    I posted my growlist on the growlist forum but it isn`t showing up. Whats up with that? Any suggestions?
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    Results of diagnostics.

    Well all the tests showed that my mesentaric artery syndrom has worked itself out,so I will not be needing surgery. I can also drink a little more at a time then I used to because it will go through my stomach now. I have been,unfortunately,haveing very bad shoulder and chest pain lately and am...
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    Bowel resectioning consult\diagnostics tommorrow!

    Hey,tommorrow I`m going up to columbia where Dr.Rom wil give me some more x-rays etc.0 And consult me about bowel resectioning.....hopefully I will get the surgery soon and it will help me feel better.
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    I`m back.

    Well I`ve been back for a few weeks now but am just getting back on the comp. They still haven`t found out what my problem is,but I watched a video on antivenin and it said delay in treatment can cause permanent neuroligical and gastric damage.....sounds like my problem....and I still believe...
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    Taking its toll

    This illness is taking its toll on Noah's body and his immune system. He has contracted thrush and generally doing poorer. He was ambuanced to Saint Louis Children's hospital last week and is undergoing numerous more testings. Another thing adding to his discomfort is apparently his bone...
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    D.spatulata seed for sase.

    Anyone interested? Pm. me for my addy and send a sase with a letter stateing the seed requested. Thanks, Noah.
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    N x emerane rotted but not the top.

    Hello, My N. x emmerane rotted but it had a rossette that is 2in across that was still healthy growing out of the side of a node. So I snapped it off and replanted it as a cutting,did I do the right thing?(I think I did) And any tips? Thanks...
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    Goldfish pics up!

    Well they had a bought of ick so thats why the tank is barren(salt treatment and sodium chlorite) But heres some pics. Here`s Haley the comet: Here`s one of the babys: Heres Ali the globe eye nymph: Here`s my red cap comet: And heres a group shot: