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    D. capensis, d. capensis 'alba'

    Sorry about that guys, slipped my mind. Anyways correct at a show? I am lost... But it is fun, you see more when your confused. Jim
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    D. capensis, d. capensis 'alba'

    Hey I have some excess of D Capensis, D Capensis 'Alba'. If Anyone is interested, contact me in the several ways possible. Jim
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    This is pretty neato~

    Oh I am so glad to see that people can remember me!!! I am sorry that I went into "dormancy" but sometimes plant growers to must have a respite, Tomorrow marks my first trade of the year! So I am back into business, Time to start PROPAGATING! It is so superfantasticallyy Fabulous-superbish -Jim
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    My poor petiolaris

    Thanks for the help guys, I only have one more question, I have no money to buy a heat pad nor any more outlits for the plug-in, so I was thinking maybe I could stick it into my greenhouse it is for sure going to be hot enough in there. I am worried about sunburn though? Suggestions? -Jim
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    My poor petiolaris

    I think my D. petiolaris has gone into a dormancy, or it is slowly dying, but it is were dying I think it would have been dead by now since the plant has been in this stage for about some 4/5 months now. It went from a lush softball size rosette, to a pygmy like rosette, with small dainty leaves...
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    This is pretty neato~

    Over the summer and parts of the summer I becamed occupied with alot of my school, and over the summer work has taken alot of my time away from other things, and tha ggrivating thing is it took time away from my plants. Anyways, I really like how this place is evolving, its amazing fabulous! I...
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    Happy thanksgiving

    Yummm.....Turkey.....Potatoes....Corn.....Green Beans...Stuffing...Gravy...Cranberry sauce.....Rolls...Coblers...Pumpkin Pie....Custard Pie.... Apple Pie...Cheee Cake..... Squash....Salads.... Chickens.... MEAT.......................................It sounds like im gonna get FAT..... LoL...
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    Im not sure if you have to have an Aol Account for it, but www.hometown.aol.com is a great place. and also as well as, www. tripod.com Geocities from what i understand is now charging for there service and no longer offer free service... cya latrs Jim
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    Milk as a fungicide...

    Ive heard that cinnamon is good substitute for a fungicide, seems to work for me, especially against thestringy grey mold... Cya laters Jim
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    Probably not something that you want to read

    Well Jeff, It Seems you are going to be a Philosopher/Botanist 2 of many of my favorite things to think about! Muhahah Well i do have to say 2 very nice majors...... as for i am a freshman.................................................................................. ...in highschool and i...
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    D. petiolaris

    Hermm Well after reading so many sources for information on the propagation of the D. Petiolaris and gaining knowledge that this species is a toughie to propagate... i wonder how do people propogate the plant in mas quantities to whole sale the plants... through TC techniques? Also, in the wild...
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    Proper burial for mr. fishy

    Well one of my fish died just about 2 days ago, so i tought "Hermmm i could flush him down the toilet, throw him outside, FEED HIM TO MY CATS, or OR i could feed him to my N. khasania Yes YES and so... i did. i wouldnt recommend it thought as for it is making an odor in my greenhouse but i think...
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    There is nothing like...

    Yep.. my most humble place that will be this winter is going to be my greenhouse... As for i just added the heater so it now stays at a constant temperature above 70'f and its funny as for i go outside int he moringing usually and it is cold and im all thinking"AHHHGGG IM ******* COLD!!!" and...
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    U. biloba

    Hey thanks for all your help! one other thing you talk as if the U. biloba are small or they, as for ive seen pictures of there sexy blue blooms(dont ask why i described it as sexy, i mean sassy) but how big are they? Hermm Cya laters Jim
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    U. biloba

    Would anyone have the time to tell the growing codnitions for the U. biloba? any help would greatly be appreciated... Cya laters Jim
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    P. Emarginata Blooming! **Happy**

    Oh it all makes complete sense now, lol.. but oh my my P. x george sargent is in full bloom, a deep purple with a lighter hue in the center, look quite spiffy! But anyways Cya laters Jim
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    P. Emarginata Blooming! **Happy**

    It all makes sense now lol.. hermm i must have not thought of that factor? but i thought that D. x lake badgerup recieved its name as for it was a complex hybrid? if so how were the hybrids pollinate to form the lake bagerup? hermm or am i wrong? but anyways, Jim
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    P. Emarginata Blooming! **Happy**

    Hey, Lol jeeze i had no clue that you were the same person that sent me those plants lol, crazy things... lol but ya they are the same Mother plants that came from your mother plant. But i did notcie one thing that is different between my mother plants and your mother plant.. yours is about 2x...
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    Ceph troubles

    Ohhh... Ughh... im oh so bright... :'( lol i see my mistake now, i am reallly tired at the time... to many studies... must go to bed lol... goodnight lol Cya laters Jim
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    Ceph troubles

    All i want to do here is offer the love of Cp's to another fellow Cp Grower who had the misfortune of a death of a remarkable species of Cp. If for some reason this plant will not make it... i will not be hurt nor will i really care... and also, even though who ever this person may have been who...