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  1. J

    Repotting nepenthes

    Thank you!
  2. J

    Repotting nepenthes

    The inermis x bongso that I received on 8/7 is already growing a new tendril/pitcher. I’ve been putting it outside in the morning till early afternoon and than bringing it indoors (since temps get 85+ after that so I put it under a grow light at that point and have my humidifier going. Since...
  3. J

    Humidifier question

    So I recently bought a room humidifier that I am going to setup in my window sill to give just a little extra moisture to my neps. I know that I have to use distilled water when watering but, what about when using the humidifier? I am just thinking if I have to run it for a few hours on end...
  4. J

    Led grow lights for intermediate and highland neps

    I live in Iowa so I can accurately say that winters suck here. I want to be prepared before I have to worry about that and get a sufficient grow light for my neps. I have one intermediate (Maxima x Vogelii) and two highland (inermis x bongso) and a papau New Guinea clone. I would prefer to get...
  5. J

    Repotting nepenthes

    Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate it.
  6. J

    Repotting nepenthes

    Hey I’m new to the forums. I was hoping to get some advice. I have a Nepenthes Maxima x Vogelii which was shipped to me bare root so that obviously I needed to put in a pot but my question is that I have two neps on the way that are both shipped in the black plastic grow pots/pods. My questions...